I picked up Twilight at a book store display about a year and a half ago. I had no idea how popular Stephanie Meyer’s book was at the time, just that I wanted something to read and the book was thick and big with an engaging cover image. I started reading it immediately and by chapter three I was hooked. This book is an amazing start for a first time author.

The plot lines in the book are very simple and there is a bit of a mystery but mostly everything is spelled out in a pretty good detail making for an easy and fun read. If you are looking for depth, or want the usual sexy , trashy supernatural novel you are not going to find either in this book. The plot focuses on Bella Swan a teen moving in with her dad to Forks Washington due to the fact her mother recently had married a baseball player and wanted to go on the road. Bella is not really looking forward to moving in with her father she simply calls Charlie, but soon warms up to him and Forks.

Charlie bought Bella an old truck from a friend of his living on the local Indian reservation. Billy Black and his son Jacob deliver the truck to Bella before she began school. Jacob and Bella have a complicated relationship through the book, Jacob is a year or two younger and has a crush on Bella, he is a great mechanic and eventually helps Bella realize her boyfriend may be a vampire and that other supernatural entities exist in the world.

Bella begins school in Forks and is faced with finding new friends and on her first day she sees Edward, and the rest of his family the Cullen clan at lunch. Her new friends explain that Edward is a bit aloof and doesn’t really talk to anyone outside of his family. Bella continued to try to get a read on Edward, and Edward on her, telepathically that is. Edward is a gifted with the ability to read people and vampire minds, which according to Meyer is almost heard of in her vision of a vampire. Others in Edward’s clan are gifted in other ways, Alice is psychic, and Jasper the newest of the clan has an odd ability to control the emotions of others.

Edward finds himself drawn to Bella and a love affair ensues. After a bit nomad vampire come into town and one of them find Bella as irresistible as Edward does. Drama, trouble, and violence begins here.

The story of Edward and Bella is a sweet one with lots of angst and love. I love that there is no sex or trashy stuff in the novel and it’s a really simple read. I can understand the mania the book here has created to a point, and I enjoyed the book tremendously. I gave it four instead of five stars due to the lack of depth given to the characters and the over simplified plot lines. Funny thing I realized later as when I was reading this book I envisioned Edward as British actor Henry Cavill (of Tudors fame), and I read later that Stephanie herself had envisioned him as Edward as she was writing the book. So if you haven’t yet pick it up and read it , let me know here your thoughts on the first book in the saga.