Author Tomi Akinyanmi was kind enough to share a beautiful copy of her award winning work “A Worthy Legacy”. This is also my first tour stop on this blog and I want to thank Tomi for giving me the chance to share her story and her guest post with you all. The next stop in the tour is with The Friendly Nook Nook tomorrow so make sure you check in for some other insights into this wonderful novel.

Tomi’s novel is a short read, but very powerful. It takes you through her Grandfather’s final days in Africa, detailing the kind of family values the author’s family holds dear. The Grandfather is a very insightful man who leaves a legacy of good moral value to his heirs, the kind of values that are lacking in most family units in these days and times. Tomi includes beautiful African artworks that she herself has illustrated for this particular work. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the culture of Africa, and people who read family anthology. This work is not what I normally read myself and I was enthralled and in tears through-out this story.

Guest Post from Tomi Akinyanmi

All I have to remember my father by these days are memories of years gone by; years when he was alive and the pictures from those days. Some of those memories make me cry and some bring a smile to my face. But what exactly is the value of memories, good or bad? What value does the past and the memories it holds have to us?

Most often when the past has been rough and tough, we try to forget. Not wanting to relieve those difficult periods we try to keep the memories buried. Some memories and the pains they cause us will sometimes stay buried, forever hidden in the past never to be seen or heard. But for some memories, the pain seems unending as they become haunting shadows seeming to taunt us over and over again. Even then, there are often a few memories that are worth treasuring, memories we long to remember over and over again with a desire to freeze time in the hope that those memories can be re-lived.

Here is a thought, in the memories of the past, even in those painful memories of the past; we sometimes find an explanation for who we have become. In memories, we often find solutions to problems originating from the past; in them we sometimes find the answer we seek to the mysteries of our lives; answers that have otherwise eluded us. The truth is that there are times when we need to look back to see just how far we’ve come. Indeed, when we look to the memories of our humble beginnings we are bound to appreciate and celebrate our successes in life.

Also as we advance in years, there sometimes arises the need to look back into the past, sieve through the trials and struggles we’ve been through that we might discover the lessons inherent in them. It is after this that we can look forward to our goals in hope and strive to attain our dream. For it is in looking back, that we see the mistakes that should never be forgotten, mistakes which we need to keep in mind, lest they be repeated. Memories of such mistakes help guide our steps from falling and they might even help us succeed in the very place where we have failed. When we look back, we often see more clearly and things that were hidden from us before are sometimes unveiled. Again, in looking back, we discover those who are our real friends. Those are the people we see in those memories, who have stood by our side all the way, through the years even through the thick and the thin.

The lessons which we learn from life, the lessons which urges us on each day, that very thing that encourages us to take risks and take on new challenges in the bid for a better life are often to be found in the past and the memories it holds. Thus, no matter Whatever our view of the past and the memories they hold, it is a reality that there are times when we need to look back not because we are a glutton for pain but because the very healing for the pain can only be found at the very source of the pain, and for this, memories and the past in which they can be found serve us well. Thus all memories good or bad are worth to be treasured for in them is the secret to liberty of mind, a better tomorrow and a better life.