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Transcript: This is a tale about a boy named Sam who goes on a camping trip with his father to Canada.

All through the trip, Sam finds Trumpet Swans that are nesting close by and is just in time for the birth of the cygnets, or newborn swans.

Just one of the swans named Louis can not talk.

Louis and his relatives fly south to Montana for the wintertime, the place Sam lives with his relatives.

Louis leaves his relatives and searches for Sam to check with for aid with his interaction trouble.

Louis stays with Sam and his relatives though attending Sam’s faculty to discover to browse and generate.

Immediately after a year of faculty, Louis returns to his relatives with a smaller chalkboard close to his neck and the potential to browse and generate.

Louis attempts to catch the attention of a mate, Serena, but is unsuccessful simply because he are not able to make a sound.

Louis’ father decides to get him a trumpet so that he can blow into it and get Serena’s consideration.

Louis’ father steals a trumpet from a new music store and provides it to Louis.

Louis tactics with Sam’s aid and is employed to be a counselor of a boys camp as a bugler.

Immediately after the camp, Louis flies to Boston to obtain an additional position, vowing to gain ample revenue to fork out for the trumpet.

Louis is employed by a swan boat operator to participate in new music in entrance of boat passengers.

Louis is a large accomplishment and stays at a extravagant resort.

Just one day, Louis receives an supply to participate in new music at a nightclub in Philadelphia, which he accepts simply because the revenue is good.

Immediately after traveling to Philadelphia, Louis stays at the Philadelphia Zoo though doing work every evening at the nightclub.

Much to Louis’ surprise, a major storm brings Serena to the zoo and she is fatigued and close to loss of life.

Serena recovers and Louis performs new music for her, ensuing in them falling in really like.

Louis wants to return again to Montana, but the zoo wants him to stay.

Immediately after Sam is flown in to negotiate Louis’ release, they lower a offer the place Louis and Serena can depart if they periodically give a person of their cygnets to the zoo.

Louis returns to his relatives with Serena and just after giving all of his revenue to his father, his father flies again to the new music store to repay the storekeeper for the stolen trumpet.

In the act, nevertheless, Louis’ father is shot, but recovers.

In the conclusion, Louis and Serena have a relatives and travel close to the region, though Sam grows up to be a zookeeper.

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