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This is a tale about a crimson-haired female named India Opal who moves to Naomi, Florida with her father, the preacher. Opal is peaceful and shy, usually asking yourself why her mom has remaining them, when her father is absorbed in his function, preparing his weekly sermons.

While browsing in a grocery shop, Opal satisfies a wild pet and statements him as her pet, naming him Winn-Dixie after the grocery shop.

Opal delivers Winn-Dixie residence and introduces him to her father. The pet becomes a member of the family members and they soon learn that Winn-Dixie are not able to be remaining by yourself.

Simply because Opal is new in town, she hasn’t manufactured a great deal of friends. She spends most of her time in the library, listening to the librarian, Ms. Franny, tell tales.

Opal satisfies and befriends an previous girl named Gloria, who the local children have nicknamed “The Witch.” Gloria is almost blind, but has a fantastic coronary heart.

Opal then becomes friends with Otis, a musician and ex-con who works at the local pet shop. She presents to function in the shop if he will sell her a collar and leash for Winn-Dixie.

Opal and Gloria plan a social gathering with sandwiches and punch. All of Opal’s new friends are invited, like a pair of boys that tease her and a few of other girls.

Through the social gathering, it begins to rain and so all people is pressured into the home. Then Opal notices that Winn-Dixie is gone. Opal and her father search for the pet in the rain and are not able to obtain him.

In the end, they return to the home and obtain that Winn-Dixie is with all people, listening to music and savoring the social gathering.

In the beginning, readers can acknowledge the distance amongst Opal and her mother and father, which sets the tone for a rather lonely novel. Opal is divided physically from her mom, but emotionally from her father, referring to him as “preacher” relatively than father or dad.

Also, sadness is a big topic in this tale. Opal usually miracles why her mom remaining. And it really is this sadness that is inevitably uprooted at the end when Opal and her father have an intimate discussion when hunting for Winn-Dixie. Even the sweet that Ms. Franny shares offers individuals a style of melancholy and sadness.

Along with sadness, regret is also a topic in this tale. Each individual of the characters offers with the past differently. For Opal, she tells the tale of her mom to many others to offer with the agony she feels inside. For Gloria, she decorates a tree with previous alcohol bottles to remind her of her past struggles with drinking. And for Opal’s father, he usually internalizes his agony, pushing harder into his function.

But this sadness and regret leads to the message of this tale: Like when you can and when that item of passion is gone, it really is time to transfer on. And when this message does have a destructive connotation, it also reminds readers to just take edge of the time to adore ideal now, simply because it could be taken absent at any moment.

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