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This is a tale about a man who crashes his aircraft in the Sahara Desert. As he attempts to mend his aircraft, he encounters a minimal prince with golden hair.

The prince shares that he is from a distant earth, a smaller earth with a rose and three volcanoes. The prince then shares that he has travelled from earth to earth, assembly distinct and one of a kind individuals.

The man is dying of thirst and the prince implies that they walk in the desert to discover a properly. They at some point discover a properly and the man’s thirst is quenched.

In the conclusion, the prince returns to his earth and the man returns safely and securely to civilization.

The the vast majority of the tale is immersed in a feeling of isolation and solitude. The prince travels by yourself from earth to earth, just about every earth is occupied by 1 person, and the man crashes his aircraft in the desert.

On the other hand, the story’s essence shifts from solitude to friendship when the prince learns what it usually means to be “tame” from a fox. The fox points out that to tame someone or a little something usually means to set it apart from the other individuals like it, to address it particular and as an person. The prince realizes that the rose on his earth is contrary to any on Earth and he learns to cherish it, primary to his return to his earth.

The writer also takes advantage of satire and caricatures to portray how distinct older people may possibly watch daily life. As the prince travels from earth to earth, he fulfills persons who are characterized by their excessive flaws, such as the happy king, busy banker, drunk, and lamplighter. Every of these individuals sights their environment and the bordering stars in different ways.

The writer spends a lot of time chatting about the stars. Stars can characterize daily life and in this tale, the writer illustrates that stars, or daily life, have distinct meanings to distinct persons. The prince sights the stars as a little something that is free and to be relished by everyone. He encourages the man to watch the stars as minimal bells. But by the conclusion, the writer proposes that the stars can characterize tears and unhappiness.

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