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The guide draws from a wide range of “non secular traditions”,[5] and has been explained by one particular reviewer as “Buddhism mixed with mysticism and a handful of references to Jesus Christ, a sort of New Age re-doing the job of Zen.”[6] It takes advantage of these traditions to describe a “perception process centered on residing in the present second”.[seven] Its core concept is that people’s psychological troubles are rooted in their identification with their minds.[8] The creator writes that an individual need to be informed of their “present second” as a substitute of losing by themselves in get worried and stress and anxiety about the past or foreseeable future.[two]

According to the guide, only the present second is crucial,[5] and both of those an individual’s past and foreseeable future is created by their ideas.[6] The creator maintains that people’s insistence that they have regulate of their life is an illusion “that only brings agony”.[5] The guide also describes methods of rest and meditation to aid visitors in anchoring by themselves in the present.[5] These recommendations include slowing down life by steering clear of multi-tasking, expending time in mother nature, and allowing go of anxieties about the foreseeable future.[nine] Some of the principles contained in The Electricity of Now, such as the human ego and its adverse consequences on contentment, are further more elaborated in the author’s later books, in unique A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Reason (2005).[