This is a brief summary and evaluation of The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck. This channel discusses and testimonials books, novels, and quick stories by way of drawing…poorly.

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This is a story about a girl named Elisa who lives on a farm with her partner. Her partner has just bought cattle to some businessmen and he wants to consider her out to celebrate immediately after he provides the cattle.

Elisa tends a little backyard garden in close proximity to the household and grows remarkable chrysanthemums. She promises to have a planter’s hand, a come to feel for when flowers want to be trimmed and budded.

A traveler drives up the highway and identifies himself as a repairman of kinds. He can sharpen knives and resolve dented pots. He asks Elisa if she desires everything to be preset, but she claims no. He talks about his travels and way of life, which Elisa secretly wishes she had.

He then sees that she has a backyard garden and asks about it. Elisa will get enthusiastic that the male is intrigued in her flowers and points out that she has a planter’s hand. She offers him some of her chrysanthemum sprouts to mature. Inevitably the male leaves and her partner returns.

She will get dressed up and the partner notices how quite she looks. She requires offense, saying that she has constantly been solid. As they head down the highway, she sees the chrysanthemum sprouts that she had presented to the traveler on the facet of the highway. Then she cries.

Gender roles are an important issue in this story. The preliminary description of Elisa is of a girl protected by the farming clothing of a male. Her overalls and hat are men’s outfits, which de-feminizes her as a girl, hiding the attributes that make her a girl. At the exact time, she is not fairly a male both, as she can only look on as her partner will make the cattle sale with the other businessmen.

The traveler is also an interesting character. He is presented no title. All we know is that he travels by wagon from Seattle to San Diego and fixes factors along the way.

He gave Elisa the interest that she so craved. Nevertheless, seeing that he just threw away the chrysanthemum sprouts on the facet of the highway, it reveals how phony his intentions were.

In simple fact, his profession, as a fixer and sharpener of applications, is reflective of his character. The applications that he sharpens will sooner or later all come to be boring again, as will the preset pots having far more dents as time passes. And it appears that for a instant he served to resolve what ever was missing in Elisa’s life, but like his sharpening and fixing of appliances, individuals fixes were only non permanent or pretend.

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