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The Scarlet Pimpernel is set in 1792, during the early phases of the French Revolution. Marguerite St. Just, a gorgeous French actress, is the wife of wealthy English fop Sir Percy Blakeney, a baronet. In advance of their relationship, Marguerite took revenge on the Marquis de St. Cyr, who had purchased her brother to be overwhelmed for his passionate curiosity in the Marquis’ daughter, with the unintended consequence of the Marquis and his sons becoming despatched to the guillotine. When Percy found out, he grew to become estranged from his wife. Marguerite, for her aspect, grew to become disillusioned with Percy’s shallow, dandyish way of living.

Meanwhile, the “League of the Scarlet Pimpernel”, a key modern society of 20 English aristocrats, “a single to command, and nineteen to obey”, is engaged in rescuing their French counterparts from the each day executions. Their chief, the mysterious Scarlet Pimpernel, takes his nickname from the drawing of a modest purple flower with which he indicators his messages. In spite of becoming the converse of London modern society, only his followers and potentially the Prince of Wales know the Pimpernel’s true identification. Like several other people, Marguerite is entranced by the Pimpernel’s daring exploits. (Summary by

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Narrators: See names in chapter listing under
Citoyen Bibot, Mr Hempseed, Vicomte de Tournay, Captain Briggs, Lord Fancourt, Brogard, Sergeant: JimOCR
Corporal: Miriam Esther Goldman
Crowd: Algy Pug, Beth Thomas, TriciaG
Outdated Hag in Cart: Timothy H. VanderWall
Captain of Guard, Mr Jellyband: Bill Mosley
Sally: Paige
Jemima: Marissa Oakey
Martha: LovesChesterton
Jimmy Pitkin: Sami Koivisto
Stranger: TriciaG
Sally: Rissa Byrne
Lord Antony: Jay Saunders
Comtesse de Tournay: CM Slosson
Sir Andrew, Groom: Algy Pug
Suzanne: Missie
Stranger, Spy: Roseanne Schmidt
Woman Marguerite: Holly Bliss, Lisa Theriot, Missie, Miriam Esther Goldman, Laurie Anne Walden
Beggar: Helen Jensen
Sir Percy: om123, Curtis Jewell, D. A. Frank, Ken Theriot
Armand: Paul-Gabriel Wiener
Chauvelin: Ken Theriot, Alex Foster
Woman Portarles: Megan Kunkel
Lord Grenville, Majordomo, Desgas: ToddHW
Louise: Alana Jordan
Runner: J L Raimundo
Benjamin Rosenbaum: D. A. Frank
Soldier: Beth Thomas

Chapter listing and length:

01 – PARIS: SEPTEMBER, 1792 — 00:16:fifty four
Narrated by Luisa Hall
02 – DOVER: ‘THE FISHERMAN’S REST’ — 00:19:03
Narrated by Luisa Hall
03 – THE REFUGEES — 00:fourteen:33
Narrated by Sheldon Slade
Narrated by tpincombe
05 – MARGUERITE — 00:09:10
Narrated by Beth Thomas
06 – AN Beautiful OF ’92 — 00:19:fifty nine
Narrated by Missie
07 – THE Solution ORCHARD — 00:12:forty five
Narrated by Justin S Barrett
08 – THE ACCREDITED AGENT — 00:twenty:fifteen
Narrated by Beth Thomas
09 – THE OUTRAGE — 00:12:00
Narrated by hpark
10 – IN THE OPERA BOX — 00:26:22
Narrated by hpark
11 – LORD GRENVILLE’S BALL — 00:fourteen:02
Narrated by Missie
12 – THE SCRAP OF PAPER — 00:16:04
Narrated by hpark
13 – Either–OR? — 00:06:fifteen
Narrated by Belinda Brown & Snapdragon
fourteen – 1 O’CLOCK Specifically! — 00:17:31
Narrated by Holly Bliss
fifteen – Doubt — 00:12:44
Narrated by Miriam Esther Goldman
16 – RICHMOND — 00:30:50
Narrated by Holly Bliss
17 – FAREWELL — 00:16:16
Narrated by Belinda Brown
18 – THE MYSTERIOUS Product — 00:10:fifty four
Narrated by Belinda Brown
19 – THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL — 00:19:fifteen
Narrated by Rissa Byrne
twenty – THE Good friend — 00:12:23
Narrated by hpark
21 – SUSPENSE — 00:fourteen:fifty five
Narrated by hpark
22 – CALAIS — 00:16:37
Narrated by hpark
23 – HOPE — 00:13:22
Narrated by hpark
24 – THE Loss of life-Trap — 00:12:30
Narrated by Eliza
25 – THE EAGLE AND THE FOX — 00:fourteen:43
Narrated by Beth Thomas
26 – THE JEW — 00:17:39
Narrated by Eliza
27 – ON THE Keep track of — 00:13:07
Narrated by tpincombe
28 – THE PERE BLANCHARD’S HUT — 00:19:fifteen
Narrated by J L Raimundo
29 – TRAPPED — 00:08:21
Narrated by J L Raimundo
30 – THE SCHOONER — 00:27:43
Narrated by E.Lee
31 – THE ESCAPE — 00:21:37

More about the Author:
Baroness Emma (“Emmuska”) Orczy (September 23, 1865 — November 12, 1947) was a British novelist, playwright and artist of Hungarian origin. She was most notable for her sequence of novels featuring the Scarlet Pimpernel. Some of her paintings have been exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.

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