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Mastery explains how you can become a leader in any given field by examining the lives and pathways to success of historical masters such as Mozart, Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Darwin, as well as modernday masters Greene has interviewed.

The ultimate form of power is mastery. As a master you are at the height of your power and in this video I first dive into a personal story of mine and compare it to one of Robert Greene’s life stories, where we both experienced Mastery on a micro-scale, but let’s face it – Robert Greene is a master and he knows it, but at the same time he’s too humble to write a book on Mastery and present himself as a prime example. That’s what a true master does. He lets the people decide.

Dear future masters,

I realize I sound like a little, whiny, spoiled kid in the opening story.

Keep in mind that was 4 years ago and I’ve since matured a lot and took on a much stronger mindset. My hope is that it will resonate with people who’ve been in a similar situation or might even be facing such challenges now or in the near future. It might happen out of a lack of discipline or unforeseen events that put you on deathground. Either way, you gotta own it.

Let’s be honest, all of us remember that time when we came home from school / college and the last thing on our mind was the big project that had to be finished a week later. The 50 page dissertation I had to write counted as 1/3rd of all marks for economics, the most important subject – so it definitely was a big deal to me and I faced an overwhelming amount of pressure. In a way, I’m proud that I owned up to the situation. Better late, than never. And while I’m at it, I had the best mark. Take that work-a-year-in-advance-and-tell-everybody Lucy.

Nowadays I’m getting closer to that very same amount of focus & dedication for what I do, *because* I spend time working on things that will directly benefit me and not some ungrateful, suit-wearing, look-down-at-you dickhead. I’m passionate about going to the gym, learning, keeping my nutrition in check and animating these videos, so I want to work hard. It feels good. That’s what lots of gurus don’t tell you. They don’t love Mondays, because they get up, get to the office and feed someone else’s wallet. They’re in it for creating a greater future for themselves and the people close to them.

Obviously reaching Mastery at burgerwielding for McDonalds or wielding stacks of documents at the office isn’t anyone’s vision (or so I hope). Thus it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, you’re unhappy at it. Find your passion & realize it. *It isn’t easy, but it’s sure as hell worth it.*

Until next time,
Nenad (illacertus)
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