I keep seeing this in articles lately. I saw that phrase or something like it at least three times yesterday. That’s not entirely true, or even a fair statement. Absolutely it is harder than ever to get an agent to look seriously at your work. Absolutely it is harder than ever go get your book sold right now. The economy is crap, things are changing at a rapid pace and everything is crazy and new and cool and scary right now. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get a shot.

In my experience everything is awesome. I got an agent in a non-traditional way. My writing is raw and by raw I mean incredibly flawed. The point of me putting my flaws out here for all to see is that my agent is developing what raw talent I have. She is working incredibly close with me on a rewrite. She is explaining to me every technical thing I do wrong and she is making me a better writer.

Maybe this book won’t sell. And while that will be disappointing to me, because I love my world so much I know that I have gotten something so valuable out of this experience of working with Laurie McLean and learning so much about writing.

What I am getting at is, I can’t be the only one having an amazing experience. I am sure plenty of you have an awesome editor or agent who are helping you succeed. So why is it we only hear the horror stories? The Story Siren has a very successful debut author reading challenge every year. I read tons of debut books every year and a lot of those debut books get very special treatment from publishers.

There are people who will believe in you. They are out there. You just have to work hard to find them. So don’t read those fatalistic articles and give up, giving up is for pansies.