Hello and welcome Concerned Mothers of Christian Teens. I hope you found everything you needed here on the blog. I appreciate each and every one of your seventeen comments on my reviews and blog posts this merry evening. Now I did not approve these comments as I normally would, if you are wondering why, it is because I am censoring you (the horror). The things you said to me were not appropriate for teen readers and I do not want to expose my fragile young audience to your filth.

To answer some of your more coherent questions: (I will do so here since all of your emails were fake)

-No I do not ‘fornicate with the devil’ on a regular basis.
-No I do not care if I go to your version of hell. We can meet up there and have a chai though!
-No I do not use a parental guidance system, it is up to the teens and their parents what they read. Because we have some freedoms left in this beautiful country and I for one do not want to use any amount of influence I have to sway others to my frame of mind.
-Yes I do watch horror movies (don’t know why you thought this was important).

Now to answer some questions you didn’t ask but should have based on the reviews you targeted.

-Yes Laurie Halse Anderson is a fantastic writer who tackles tough issues FOR OUR TEENS to show them that yeah the world does kind of suck but there are ways you can get through your problems. Even the tough ones. So no I don’t think I committed said blasphemy when I wrote a favorable review of Wintergirls.
-Yes The Eternal Ones had sex in it and yes there was reincarnation. Yes that is not in the bible but this is a work of fiction. Some believe the bible is a work of fiction too.
-Yes I read The Duff out loud on my blog today, yes there is teen sex in it. To answer your question “am I promoting that filth” why yes, yes I do believe I am. An 18 year old is the author. I really enjoyed my nickname you gave me on this post.

Now let me ask you a few questions, please feel free to answer them. I promise you no lashing out from myself. I am a very zen person. I just want you to know it is people like you that have made me the atheist I am today. I spout no religion on my blog, people who come here often didn’t know I was an atheist until now. After this post we can go back to not discussing religion or politics. I have read an enjoyed Christian Fiction too by the way, because I am way more open minded that you.

Why are you so filled with hate?
You don’t even know me what gives you the right to spam my blog and call me names?
Why not censor your own children and leave us to censor ours?

Please refer to the image below. According to Dante, you are in a way lower circle of hell than I am. Please stop by again, lost the hate and make it at a level I feel comfortable letting teens read and we can have a fantastic debate!