An open letter to Twilight (A parody)

Dear Twilight,

I want to take this opportunity to let you know you ripped off loads of stuff. How could you?!?1?
Let’s start with the original Dracula. Just by being a vampire book you have ripped off Bram Stoker. Using the word vampire, or having a character who drinks blood is a total rip off, I mean like that sux. At least Dracula was openly creepy. Edward (OMG SO HAWT) stalked out in that emo chick’s bedroom and sniffed her and shiz (ewwww).

Moving swiftly on. I mean like The Vampire Diaries. Hello written your author was still in diapers. Now your movie makes the tv show kinda lame. I am waiting for Stefan to sparkle. Who does that anyway, like vampires who sparkle?1!!!!

The werewolves in your book are kinda wussy. I mean loads of books and stuff have were’s but yours are a total rip off of like everything. That new Wolfman movie, you watched the old one and wussified it right?

So please Twilight stop being such a rip off already.


Sorry guys I just had to. It is totally okay to be a fan of the Twilight Series, but please stop with the ridiculous comments, and reviews, and letters to people about how such and such ripped off Twilight. You are making total asses of yourselves (especially when the said things that were supposedly ripped off came years earlier), and making people dislike Twilight and the fans of the series.


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