Top 5 Summer Young Adult Books

Today I am going to name what I think the most awesome YA books coming out this summer are going to be. Some of these have me tingling in my booties, I cannot wait to get my hands on them! Let me know what you think are the best summer books coming out, I need to add to my TBR pile.

  1. Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, Book 4)

    Vampire Academy book 4 is on the way yay! I love this series because it isn’t afraid to be what it is. The plot is intriguing and the characters fleshed out and likable.

  2. The Sorceress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)

    Book three in the Nicholas Flamel series is sure to be a pleaser. Read books 1 and 2 on vacation last year from the library.

  3. Syren (Septimus Heap, Book 5)

    I found Septimus right before moving from the UK to California, I was unsure whether I would like the series but bought all 4 books on a whim. Cannot wait for the latest.

  4. The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book 5)

    Percy Jackson is a real Greek Myth Hero, and who doesn’t love a Hero? He and his friends are charged with stopping the rise of the Titan’s. Love this series.

  5. The Faerie Path #4: The Immortal Realm

    The latest Faerie Path installment. I read books 1-3 a while back and was really impressed by the author. There is a review of those books and an interview here on the site.

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Top 5 reasons to blog about books

Today the top 5 is going to be related to a blog I read over at The Story Siren blog. I think it is important before you open a book blog, that no matter how glamorous it seems there is a lot of hard work involved also. Me I am behind at least 3 reviews and 6 books to read just at this moment in time. This has to be done for your deep love of reading and pseudo existent marketing skills.

  1. The first reason to start a book blog should be your complete and utter love of books, whether it is all books or a niche such as YA or Fantasy. Finding your niche and designing your blog around this is important. My personal niche is YA, Fantasy, and True Stories. These things fascinate me and I absolutely love reading these stories.
  2. Be honest, don’t bash books but find constructive ways to say why you didn’t exactly like them also say why, why the book didn’t engage you in the way you thought. If you want to blog the main question people want answered is why. Why did this book rock or why was it not so good>
  3. Publishers are fantastic, another good reason to start a blog. I started mine and worked at it a couple of months before I started the twitter and Myspace and Facebook and all the social marketing aspects of having a blog. The main thing people need to see is content and that the content is relevant to what the blog is about. Don’t use this space to blog about your adorable dog, or those rascally kids of yours. It’s really not needed, focus on books and putting up great reviews the incoming hits will increase along with publishers who like your style and want you to review their books. Do not under any circumstance accept books you will not or do not want to read and review or books that do not fit the niche and style of your blog., instead let the publisher know in an email back what your blog is about and what type of books you look for.
  4. The community of bloggers, in my links section that is new here because I am still sorting everything out, are some really good bloggers whose styles vary but are all good reviewers. Look to these people for advice and just to see what they have going on at the moment. The community of book bloggers is not an easy nut to crack, they want to see that you are serious and know your stuff, and are making a genuine effort. They are very helpful and if you feel stuck on anything most likely one of these lovely ladies will help you out.
  5. Lastly, make sure you can commit, if you can blogging about books can be such a rewarding experience. Introduce you to book fans and bloggers around the world with similar interests. There can be awesome conversation and some good advice and news out there, do not be discouraged if things don’t work out immediately, internet things come slowly and the more you learn the better your blog will be in every aspect.

That being said happy blogging, I am new to the book world myself just a few months but have a lot of internet blogging and marketing experience from other areas of expertise and used these sites to handle the initial push for this blog. If you have other properties use them to your advantage when possible. If you have any questions or comments or if I missed anything or need to elaborate more on a point please let me know.

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Top 5 vampire novels

Top 5 Wednesday is something I think I will continue here on the blog. Last week we discussed the Top 5 Tudor Era Fiction and this week I will be going over the Top 5 Vampire Books of all time that are not classics or Twilight.

  1. New Tales of the Vampires: includes Pandora and Vittorio the Vampire – Anne Rice

    I know I said I wasn’t going to do the over popular, but these are not the most popular of Rice’s books. Pandora and Vittorio are amazing tales of two vampires, who are turned in different times and how that affects them personally.

  2. Bitten & Smitten (Immortality Bites, Book 1) – Michelle Rowen

    Rowan tells a hilarious tale of a woman who got blind date bitten. It shows you the funny side of going vamp. Reading the rest of the series now.

  3. Dead Until Dark (Southern Vampire Mysteries, No. 1) – Charlaine Harris

    After watching True Blood I picked up this novel and read it. I absolutely love this first book. Not sure I recommend reading the rest of the series but this book was very interesting.

  4. Masquerade (Blue Bloods, Book 2) – Melissa De La Cruz

    The Blue Bloods trilogy is a good pick for any vamp lover, this follows the story of vampires as they were descended from angels, having a mortal enemy in Lucifer and his Silver Blood children.

  5. The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle – L. J. Smith

    LJ Smith has 3 of the Vampire Diaries out now and I suggest you pick up the rest. These stories follow Elena on her path to learning about her boyfriend who is a vampire. How she deals with that and how he fights his inner demons.

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