Interview with Lucy from Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey

I am super excited to bring to you the exclusive interview with Lucy Hamilton. Vampire slayer, and fashionista she slayed me (with snark) through-out the Hearts at Stake novel. You can learn more about Lucy, the author Alyxandra Harvey, and the future books by checking out Did you have a favorite character? You can read my review of Hearts at Stake also!

Pam: So Lucy, what’s it like hanging out with a family of ancient vamps?

Lucy: Crowded. There are a lot of boys in that house. It was a big pain when we were younger. We were banned from practical jokes after we tried to fill all the birdbaths with red jello. Mosty, I don’t really think of them as a vampire family, they’re just the Drakes. Of course, over the last few years we’ve had to be a little more careful. Not just with the secret of it, but also because apparently I now smell yummy. Which is, actually, kinda gross when you think about it.

Pam: You and Solange are so different, what makes you best friends?

Lucy: We just get each other. And we’ve been friends for so long it’s really more like we’re sisters. She might seem quiet and calm all the time but she has a wicked sense of mischief when you get to know her, when her undead life isn’t crushing her with stress.

Pam: Your attitude and dialog are refreshing and funny, you had me laughing out loud. Where does your attitude come from?

Lucy: My mom would say I get it from her. Dad thinks I get it from his mom. I just forget that I shouldn’t say everything I think out loud!

Pam: I got the point, you don’t like Tofu, but why it’s an amazing food?

Lucy: Dad makes really good tofu. Mom makes it mushy and disgusting. And really, I just think tofu and ice cream should never meet.

Pam: Can you tell me a bit about the different kinds of vampires?

Lucy: There are three ancient families that carry some kind of vampire gene, which they pass on through birth-only through the male line: the Drakes, the Amritas, and the Joiiks. Together they form the Raktapa Council.

Montmartre is more than 400 years old and an undead jerk. He calls his army the Host. He used to be in love with Lady Natasha who claims to be the vampire queen.

The Hounds are really secretive and I don’t know much about them, except that they’re fierce and superstitious.

And the Hel-Blar are just gross. They’re blue and smell like rot and are vicious feral vampires who will drink from anything at anytime. They scare even Solange’s mom Helena, which tells you something!

Pam: I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but that guy you know the one guy, how did you NOT know you were crushing on him?

Lucy: I think of him as a mosquito bite I didn’t even know I had until it started to itch.

Pam: At the end of book one everything still seems a little tense, do you think the Drake family is safe at the moment?

Lucy: I wish I could say yes. Those boys just attract trouble though (even if it that’s what they say about me).

Pam: Did the Drakes make you give back the crossbow?

Lucy: Shh. I hid it under Solange’s bed. I’m smuggling it out when my parents get back from the ashram.

Pam: What is your fave flavor of ice cream?

Lucy: Chocolate cherry.

Pam: Your sense of style seems fantastic! Can you tell me more about your day to day wear?

Lucy: I like silver jewelery and turquoise. Mom has some great turquoise pieces I “borrow” all the time. And I like shiny things, like sequin scarves.

Pam: Now that you are a vampire slayer / protecter do you wear more sensible shoes?

Lucy: A pair of good boots never has to be sensible! Mine have sky-blue velvet laces. And steel-toes for kicking.

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Review: Hearts at Stake (My Love Lies Bleeding) The Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey

Alyxandra Harvey has made quite a fan out of me with her first book in The Drake Chronicles. A big thanks to Amy for the recommendation. The two main characters Lucy (Lucky) and Solange are as different as night and day but somehow their best friendship makes total sense. Solange is a vampire princess born to a prestigious family that dates back to Eleanor of Aquitaine. Solange doesn’t really want to turn at her sixteenth birthday, nor does she want the crown that comes along with her transformation. Evil hordes of pretender queens to the throne and her minions try to thwart Solange in every effort she makes even though she has a total lack of interest in the crown. Just her being alive is enough to send the vampires into a frenzy.
Lucy has hippy parents and a love for ice cream not made with tofu. She is sassy and brilliant and like Solange a very well thought out character you immediately love. Even with all her bravado Lucy is not afraid to say when she is scared. Being human around a bunch of vampires at times can be a scary experience. Lucy has a dialogue that had me laughing out loud through out the book and her love interest was a great addition to the chaos surrounded her and her friends lives at that moment.
This book has loads of amazing characters. Solange’s family unit, Lucy, even the bad guys have style. Hearts at Stake is a silly fun read. Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

But not right now, right now I could indulge in a moment of triumph. But only a moment.
Because it was just one of those days.

This is better than some old fat guy. Now gimme.

If you love fun vampire fiction, then please give this book a chance! I cannot wait for the next in the series.

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