Review: Darklight (Wondrous Strange 2) by Lesley Livingston

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I love this series. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for any faerie tales, but these go beyond my wildest imagination. Livingston takes you from urban NY to Shakespearean Faerie and back again in one smooth flow. I love the writing style, and the story and all of the characters.

I read it in one day, no way I was putting this book down. A new play, a new magic, a summer court room mate. In this book Kelley has a whole different set of problems to work through. With Sonny stuck in Faerie with Oberon, Kelley tries to stay out of the park and not tap into her mother’s brand of dark magic.

For Kelley staying out of the park is an impossibility. Her mothers magic calls to her and she is aided each time by the Janus Guard. Evil leprochan’s are in search of the necklace that keeps Kelley safe. When they realize they cannot pry it off her neck, the glue it there leaving Kelley normal again.

All Kelley really wanted was to be normal again, but now that she is can she really stay that way?

This book will take you on a magical ride, the hook, the plot, the crescendo are all worth your time! If you love faeries and you read Wondrous Strange go get this book. Tell me how you liked it!

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Review: Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston

I am a bit late with reading this one. I noticed at the start of last year, if Harper Teen puts it out I should read it. I was dusting my shelves and most of the books I had bought came from Harper Teen. When it came to reading Wondrous Strange I just never got around to picking it up. I was still on a high from reading another Faerie series from Harper Teen, The Immortal Realm by Frewin Jones, and this book had gotten so much hype I just thought, “huh, no way I want to read that and be disappointed”.

We follow Kelley as she is living in the rough city of New York trying to find her way onto Broadway. She works at a small theater called the Avalon as hired help and the understudy when fortune would have it the lady playing Titania “went snap”. Kelley now faced with being thrown into the spotlight also faces a few twists and turns a coming of age and needing to look deep inside herself to save the people she truly loves. Along the way she meets Sonny and they of course fall in love, will the Faerie’s allow one of their prized Janus Guards to consort with a mere mortal?

This book has it all, a kelpie who turns into a war horse, and evil autumn queen scorned by the lack of love. Beautiful and cold faerie kings and queens, changeling children, samhain, magic. The list could go on and on. I am so glad I finally purchased this as an ebook. On my way to buy the next in the series. I have to know what happens next! If you like Black, Marr, Werlin, or Simner then you will love Wondrous Strange.

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