Review: Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner

Janni Lee Simner penned a fantastic parallel world to our own in her first YA novel. I am hoping to see more YA titles from her in the future. I didn’t really expect to like this book as much as I did, the cover art had me from hello, and I liked the description of the book but in actuality I expected the same dark Faerie tale you usually get reading these types of novels. What I did get was a blow to my judgmental little fantasy of this book.

Bones of Faerie follows Liza through a quest of sorts. She lives in a town, where Magic is feared, after the Faerie War. Everything in the world as we know it has been destroyed, and the magic lingers on making plants alive and very dangerous. It’s hard to harvest food for Liza’s village and the whole town works together to survive. No outsiders are allowed in and if a baby is born with fey golden hair and magical blue eyes, it is set on a hillside to meet its fate. Liza had a sister succumb to this fate. Her father left her on a hillside to die just hours after birth, after that Liza’s mother leaves without her. Leaving her to her abusive father, around then Liza starts realizing she has magical abilities but thank goodness her hair is still black. She runs away, into the forest and is followed by a boy named Matthew.

Liza later finds out that Matthew has magic of his own and when they are attacked at night by the trees a strange woman finds them and brings them to her village where magic is feared but not illegal. Liza and Matthew learn more about their abilities, while healing.

Liza sets off again followed by Matthew on a quest to find her Mother in Faerie. Tara, badly burned by radiation poisoning is brought by through the worlds by Liza and her gift. I really can’t go into anymore without causing major spoilers for you guys reading, but this book really impressed me. Surprises in books are always the best, some books you read you already know how you are going to feel about them, but this book really knocked my proverbial socks off! I strongly recommend this book to teens and fans of YA writing. The book doesn’t focus on any love story and that made me ecstatically happy also. So dig into the book and then leave me a comment here telling me what you thought. I love discussing books!

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