Bloggiesta: HTML Basics a Top Ten

So here we are again at Bloggiesta! Ole! This year I am giving you a top ten basic HTML lesson. For the challenge part pick three (or more) elements below to use in a Bloggiesta update post then come back here to link in the comments so that I can go visit all the posts. One person who follows all of those rules will win a book of their choice (up to $20) ordered to them. Let’s get started!

Need info on Bloggiesta? What is Bloggiesta?

Check Suey’s blog, and Danielle’s blog.

Lesson One:

This is how you make something clickable.

Lesson Two:

This is how you make your email clickable! When someone clicks on it their mail program opens and they can email you posthaste.

Lesson Three:

This is a great way to make your paragraphs look nice! You put the p before, type the paragraph and /p at the end.

Lesson Four:

This is for when your pictures are being lame and all the font is running together and it just doesn’t look nice. Clearfix will fix it for you.

Lesson Five:

This is an unordered list. Meaning not numbered. It should make bullet points for you and it looks really snazzy because it spaces for you also. Here is an example of the code fixed to my theme:

  • list item one
  • list item two
  • list item three

Lesson Six:

This is the code to make a pretty ordered list. Ordered meaning numbered. Here is an example.

  1. item one
  2. item two
  3. item three

Lesson Seven:

When that blog tour needs you to make one word colored for the scavenger. This is the easiest way to do that.

Lesson Eight:

This is also for coloring text, but when you want more control than just the color name. You insert the HEX code instead. (Hex codes are numbers assigned to different shades of primary colors). You an find out more about them at the Hex Hub

Lesson Nine:

Here are some style options.

Lesson Ten:

This is for headers. This is also subject to your theme. I’ve found some themes don’t support these at all (but really all should and most do). If H3 headers aren’t supported try H2 instead. Never use H1 for headers in posts, its an SEO thing. For an example every header above ever picture here (Lesson One:) is an H3 header.

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Bloggiesta – it’s like a fiesta for your blog!

I am so excited to finally be able to fully participate in a Bloggiesta. I have always had something taking my attention away and my good intentions of getting work done! I have cleared my whole weekend, and I am ready to Bloggiesta! What the heck is a bloggiesta? Well Natasha from Maw Books can explain it better as it is her idea. Basically we take a weekend and we do all those pesky things we need to do to our blogs to make them better. Update your footers, some coding stuff, writing reviews or anything that needs to be done! Natasha has some fun mini challenges ready and there is some cool prizes to be won so head on over.

My Project:

I have been saving a very special project for this bloggiesta day. I will be creating a whole new website! is something I have been thinking about doing for over a year and now I finally have the time, and the traffic to branch off with something else. Basically the site will be all about bookish charities. Where to put that charity dollar, I hope to create a master list on the site and feature one monthly. Literature is so very important to me and I think it is to everyone else too, it becomes so overwhelming trying to find great charities who have like minded goals. So hopefully I can help link givers to those who need.

I would appreciate any comments with charities listed. Local, national or international. I don’t have any EU charities listed yet guys so help me out?


Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Footers

Natasha (@mawbooks) at Maw Books is hosting the second edition of Bloggiesta this weekend. Now if you are unfamiliar with Bloggiesta, you can check out the link, or follow the hash tag #bloggiesta on Basically it is a weekend devoted to getting those pesky things done that you really, really, really need to get done on your blog. I am happy to host a mini challenge that will have a publisher donated prize that Natasha will unveil to you tomorrow at her blog.

This challenge is all about getting your footers right. Those copy rights are important. I hope to provide some information and plug ins for those who run WordPress.

The most important thing is to make sure you change the date to 2010 at the bottom. Once you have changed your footer to say Copyright (your name or blog name) year your blog started such as 2009-2010. You have completed this challenge. Just leave a link to your blog in the comments.

Some other very important things about footers and what to do when someone steals your posts from NYC based contract lawyer and City Canyons Record Label Owner Trebor Lloyd:

Bloggers should put a notice of copyright on their site for notice purposes and pay the fee (I think it went up recently but it is still quite reasonable) for copyright registration. The Copyright Office site is very clear and helpful. Everyone should give it a look. If a blogger has to bring suit then to protect his/her copyright, a registration is a pre-requisite.

Putting aside lawsuits, which aren’t always the best way to go, the blogger should notify the infringer to remove the infringing material immediately and then contact the applicable ISP (assuming that it’s another blog or website) and inform them of the infringement. ISPs don’t want to be sued for contributory infringement so they often have procedures set up for dealing with claims. The infringer could have their website or blog permanently taken down. Please note this isn’t legal advice as every situation is different.

A good way to see if someone is stealing your content is to take a paragraph from your post and put it to Google search and see if you get exact matches. Then contact the creator of the blog. Here is a stock plagiarism cease and desist letter you can use.
If you use WordPress this plug in adds a copyright to your feeds automatically. A lot of content is ripped from your feed so using this plug in eliminates that kind of theft.
If you do not have wordpress you can simply add to your feedburner or /feed a copyright of your own. Example: This post was stolen from the admin of this website will now perish and be damned to eternal hellfire for eternity, or simply This post is not original content, it was taken via feed from and add your URL.
Plagiarism Today has loads of fantastic ideas on these subjects also.
Lastly this plug in moves all javascript HTML to the footer of your blog. WordPress automatically uses Javascript through out the posts and pages, and this will improve your SEO.

I hope you get those footers ready for the coming year! Good luck and happy Bloggiesta.


Bloggiesta Next Weekend, not there then you’re square!

Bloggiesta: Be there or be square!

bloggiestaWhen is Bloggiesta? The date is Friday, June 19th beginning at 8am, Saturday the 20th and ending Sunday the 21st at 8am (8am your time, wherever you are). That is a total of 48 hours, of which you should aim high for a total of 18-24 hours spent on the challenge.

What is Bloggiesta? Well it is a special weekend for bloggers from any genre (ie. mommy, movie review, tech, lit, any blog on the planet), to spend some time doing maintenance on our blogs and social networking sites. The post on exactly how to join, and what exactly you need to be doing is located here at Maw Books (the event coordinator). The button you see to the top left is what brands this challenge so make sure to steal that and put it on your blog with your post detailing what it is you need to get done on your blog!

For optimal participation keep checking back to the post on Maw’s Book Blog and use Twitter Search to follow and use the hash tag for the event #bloggiesta

Now with no further ado, here is the list of things I want to get done this weekend in no particular order (to track my progress check back to this post strike through items are completed):

  1. Business cards designed and ordered from Moo
  2. Add a related posts plugin.
  3. Get Comment Luv to work.
  4. Work on my Myspace getting it all current.
  5. Find new cool people to follow on Twitter.

This list may grow, and I am here to help with anything I have expertise in such as design, how to code a cool post or template for a post, or anything else you see around my blog. So I may have some questions for you ladies and gents in your area of expertise also.

Let’s have fun!

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