Audiobook Week: Discussion on no0bs

Jen from Devourer of Books is having a June is Audiobook Month celebration with audio week. You should go check out her posts from the week, even if you haven’t listened to audio. Today’s discussion is audio books for people who haven’t tried them, and mine will be YA and Kidlit based.

I want to try an audiobook!

I did too! So not long ago I set up an audible account that I completely ignored. I lost credits/money and hardly ever downloaded anything because I forgot. Then I realized I was losing my credits/money and promptly downloaded seven books I never listened to.

Fast forward a few months and I ended up in a conversation with a Brilliance Audio publicist. He sent me a HUGE box of audio books and I looked through them. I stared at them. I read the backs of the boxes and I was scared. I chose to listen to The Piper’s Son read by Michael Finney.

I don’t have an AUX plug in my car so for the moment I enjoy employing CD audio books.

So you are new at this too? What have you listened too so far?

I am new at this :D I tried for two years to get into an audio book and my reasons were. I can read faster, I have a toddler, I never go anywhere in my car (which is still mostly true so it takes me a while to complete a book). Since The Piper’s Son however I am enjoying audio more than I ever thought I could. My daughter has become a HUGE audiobook fan and we listen together a lot as well. Here is what I have listened to so far.

The Piper’s Son
What Happened on Fox Street
Eona (in progress)
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

What book should I start with?

I don’t feel qualified to answer that question. Mostly every book people told me to start with didn’t start me off either. I would say simply pick a genre you love, or a book you can read over and over again and start there.

I have questions for audiophiles

If you guys listen to tons of audio can you answer these for me?

Do you ever want to come inside and continue with paper? (So far I haven’t but I am close to doing that with EONA)

Where else can I listen to my CDs besides my car?

Is it okay to rip the CD and put it on my MP3 player or is that bad?


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