Review: The School for Dangerous Girls by Eliot Schrefer

It’s not very often that I give a book two stars. I am generally pretty good at picking enjoyable reads for myself. Usually my reviews are three or four stars. This book almost was a one, I waited with the review and thought about some of the nicer features of the book.

Eliot Schrefer takes us to a boarding school in Colorado for last effort girls. Angela the character has done some pretty nasty things and her parents send her here to be fixed. I figured out half way through the book that Angela was Mexican. It was kind of thrown into the story without previously describing her family and after we find out she is Mexican she starts using small Spanish terms that everyone knows such as ‘Abuelito”. After Angela gets to the school she starts looking for a cousin. This cousin was mentioned no where in the book as having been sent to the school, she just is there. The other characters are not well thought out. It seems like he throws a lesbian in for fun, and the author knows nothing about teen girls. That is obvious. What girl who is being beaten, abused, is scared to death cares deeply still about foundation, exfoliating, and highlight kits?
The whole headmistress mystery was laughable. The adults in the story were insane themselves. Angela’s parents of course were clueless and not just clueless but completely evil and mean. They show no ounce of love towards Angela ever. Not even tough love.
The boyfriend even though the first few chapters that is all she thinks about, is never described well enough to picture him. Neither is the later love interest. I never could picture any of the characters honestly. I was in the mood for a dark book and I almost got one. If the author had spent more time on character development, and plot instead of make up and hair the book might have been passable. I would like to see this book rewritten. The plot is a great idea, it just didn’t shine through all of the mess.

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