This is a brief reserve summary of American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. This channel discusses and assessments textbooks, novels, and short stories as a result of drawing…inadequately.

Transcript: This is a tale about a boy named Jin who grows up in The us and struggles to in shape in at faculty. He would make buddies with a boy named Wei-Chen and as Jin enters center faculty, he develops a crush on a female named Amelia.

Jin inevitably asks Amelia out on a day to a movie and they have a fantastic time. Nevertheless, a single of the boys at faculty asks him to not day her.

Frustrated, Jin ends up kissing Wei-Chen’s girlfriend and when Jin is confronted by Wei-Chen, he speaks terribly of Wei-Chen, expressing that they are absolutely nothing alike.

Following producing a would like to become Caucasian, Jin transforms into a White male in large faculty named Danny. As Danny, Jin learns to tolerate a take a look at from his Asian cousin, Chin-Kee. Jin will get into a combat with Chin-Kee and Jin knocks Chin-Kee’s head off to reveal that Chin-Kee is really a strong monkey god.

The monkey god requests that Jin improvements his look from Danny back to Jin, which he does. The monkey god also explains that Wei-Chen is his son and that he came down from the sky to discover about people, but rebelled towards him and has been on his possess ever considering that.

In the conclusion, Jin fulfills up with Wei-Chen at a cafe and the two talk items out.

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