I can’t stop thinking about Newtown. I keep bursting out in tears at random moments. I worry for the families who lost children. I know that kind of sadness.

I’ve buried a child of my own. There’s a reason people say no parent should ever have to do that. The loss is unfathomable. It was a year before I could even begin to function again. I slept more, ate less, and entertained thoughts of just ending everything.

My husband took the kids to school this morning. I couldn’t have borne it.

I’m extremely gladdened by all the support that I see Newtown families receiving. I wish them all a healthy recovery.

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    My daughter had a scare at her school a few weeks back involving someone coming onto school grounds armed. A staff member confronted them and they left, and cops were swarming the place for days. This hit home what *could have happened* and scared the living hell out of me.

    I’m sorry this is a hard thing for you especially–and I hope the efforts of everyone trying to help will be able to brighten your spirits.

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    *hugs* Many of us are hurting.

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    No parent should ever, ever, ever have to go through that. I cannot imagine it. I keep looking at the children’s pictures and thinking how each one of them reminds me of one of the pre-k or kindergarten students I have taught. All I want to do is scoop up John’s son (he’s 6) and never ever let him go. I cannot imagine what it must feel like. This shooting feels worse, somehow, than the others. I think because there were so many innocent babes. My heart is broken.

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