I’ve been thinking a lot about priorities lately. And my list and how things have changed. Blogging used to be number one after my family but now client work takes that spot. And writing, sadly, gets pushed all the way down the list.

Priorities a list:

1. Family and animals
2. Client work
3. Other agenting stuff (conferences, queries subs)
4. Blogging and reading for the blog
5. Writing

My own writing suffers most. It can take me three months to push out ten thousand words that my agent may or (for the most part) may not like.

So where does writing land on your list of priorities and how do you get your butt in the chair?

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    Family first, and then the responsibilities that come with it, like the day job that helps feed them. But sometimes writing is the difference between a pot roast dinner and pizza delivery. Ok, most of the time.

    Going to long without writing is like having an itch I can’t scratch. Drives me crazy until I Just. Do. It.

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    Seems like I have been working for money forever. Working long hours, mind and body exhausting (school principal). Now, the space in the hourglass that can be seen through is getting so much bigger on the topside. I am beginning to grasp the urgency around actually making time to write. It seems not to be about setting priorities. I feel like I survive one day to the next. These feelings drive my minute to minute activities but I am learning that I have more control over those feelings that frame my attitude than I realized. When I write, now, it is a choice to link satisfaction more strongly to the choice to spend an hour writing instead of giving my time to TV or frittering away the minutes over cleaning, creatively cooking, quilting, escape reading, etc. I don’t set aside the priorities over which I have no control. I can’t. But when I breath, settle to relax after each day’s push, I choose writing as my meditation and relief. It isn’t a chore. It is a treat.

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    Oh so sorry writing is at the bottom. I hope you can on occasion bump it up to number four, above blogging and reading.

    My list is somewhat similar if you replaced your #2 with just “work” and your #3 with “ridiculous television” and/or “housework.” Writing would definitely at the bottom of my priorities.

    Sadly my butt always seems glued to the chair, just for all those other tasks and not the writing. I’m really hoping NaNoWriMo gives me that push/kick/shove. Guilt is definitely a motivator.

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    I have to say that my boyfriend and my friends are my first priority. My family is there too but for specific reasons we keep apart. My writing is a high third along with my other job. Gotta keep money for the bills. I also do my Conventions to sell my artwork so that might be a fourth since I go to about 6 a year to sell. Other than that it’s here and there depending on what I want. Sometimes I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl.

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    1. Family, Friends, and animals
    2. Blogging and reading for the blog
    3. Writing

    I agree with you. My writing suffers REALLY bad. But, I think I’m okay with that. I’m happy with my priorities. :)

    From the Kozy Korner,

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