Houston, we have a problem…

So Houston and I don’t really have a problem besides the fact that even at 3am (I book flights like a pro) going outside is painfully suffocating hot.

Sugarland was beautiful and I had a lovely time chatting with Gordon, April, and Miss Janet Reid (click the link and see how she’s getting home from Houston).

I had a lovely dinner with two pugs and I wish I could link to Stephanie here to thank her for inviting me but my Google Fu has not been strong enough to find her website. Living in CA I don’t get the opportunity to hang with other agents and authors and just talk over wine (and perfectly grilled steak) often. And I now have a new phrase to confuse you all with. “Hence the chickens.”

The writers from the Houston Writer’s Guild brought their A game and I requested a couple of manuscripts.

Speaking of manuscripts, remember how I said I was systematically reading the ones that I’ve requested. Well , I’ve hit a snag on that with client work but will resume in November.

I’m still looking for really good historical romance right now. So query me maybe.

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    I love parodies. I am so tempted to spend the night writing a song called, Query Me, Maybe now. Wierd Al Yankovic could record it and make it your theme song.

    Another ms in the trash
    Damn straight, hope it turns to ash
    Another click, as it burns
    And now you’re on my screen

    I’d trade my soul for that book
    Pennies and dimes for a look
    I wasn’t expecting this
    But now you’ve caught my eye
    Your pitch was quirky
    Funny plot, talent was showing
    Hot hunk, face was glowing
    Where is this story going?

    Hey, I just read it, and this is crazy
    But here’s my email, query me maybe
    It’s hard to think right, with this baby
    But here’s my email, query me maybe

    (Repeat chorus)

    You took your time to reply
    I took no time eating pie
    It finally came with a sigh, but still it’s got to be read
    I giggle and chuckle and snort
    You’ve I’ve decided to court
    I didn’t know I would find it, but it’ll be a best seller

    (Chorus) Etc…. Etc…

    Ha Ha. Well, that was fun… now… back to work.

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