The Journey

As my blog is turning four this year I’ve been thinking a lot about how it has evolved, and how I have evolved in both my reading and my career choices. A lot of you ask me questions like how I got my job, or how I have time to do it all, or how my blog became a common name in the kidlitsphere. In this post I’m going to try to timeline what I have done over the last four years.

December 2009: Pregnant, bored in a new city, forces husband to build me a blog about books. Super spoilery not reviews ensue. Basically if you read my ‘review’ of Inkheart you don’t have to read the book.

January 2011: Making great headway on social media and make husband do a redesign of the blog. The one you see now. Started working with my local indie bookseller on events and book buying and having way too much fun.

May 2011: Took an internship at a local agency.

October 2011: Helped the NCIBA create a new program to bring bloggers to their conference. (Did the same in 2012. Did some panels at the conferences.) Joined the NCCBA and did a class in June (2012) on social media for booksellers.


Became a professional reviewer for the San Francisco Book Review, and RT magazine.
Became agent Laurie McLean’s personal assistant.
Became an agent.
Got some clients.
Sold some books.
Didn’t watch the olympics.

So as you see it isn’t really fascinating on paper. And the linear timeline makes everything seem so easy. I had to blog my ass off and use social media wisely to bring my visitor counts up, and I had to stay on track with current news and books in publishing and review, review, review.

I also never made it a secret that I hoped all the hard work I was doing on my blog would be noticed and segway into a career in publishing. I love the business, I love books, and I had blogged in music and ended up with a job before. You don’t have to feel dirty, or weird, or guilty for wanting something more, or working hard on your blog as a way to help you to your goals. Especially not when the reason for your blog is inherently because you love books. Wanting to work with books is a natural progression.

I may be an agent now, and one of those paid critical douchecanoodle critics, but I am and always will be first and foremost a book blogger. The blogging about books is the most organic thing I do daily and it is the thing that has helped me work in an industry I love.

Thank you all for an amazing four years!

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    Awesome way to spell this out for us, Pam!! Pretty cool journey!

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    Danke, Benji!

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    As I’m not american, I don’t use the word very often, but I think it’s absolutely AWESOME that you became an agent. I still don’t understand quite how you managed – there must be a lot of showing your face in the right place as well as all the hard work. Doesn’t matter how you did it, it’s truly wonderful that it happened for you.

    I hope to be an editor someday, and have started to do a little free-lance work. But I’m shy, so I do it totally behind the scenes. Saying what I want, like you did, is a much better idea!

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    Happy bloggiversary :)

    I’m pretty sure you’d never become a “douchecanoodle” – Marco’d take the piss out of you :p

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