I wanted to address a couple of things and then I really hope we can go back to me being ignored on most areas of the internet :). As I stated before, I don’t do really well with attention, positive or negative, and I’m really craving some normalcy here.

A) Until I get updates that there was an arrest and a court date and someone is convicted, this guy who queried me is innocent. He could be at home right now nursing his lawnmower wound. It still could just be a random thing.

B) I seem calm: I’m not really. But typed words are so much easier to control. I can type and retype and I have been for these three days. Thinking about everything I say. Mostly because of stuff like this. I know you guys mean well but you can stop emailing me this stuff I would be grateful.

Not one person here made a comment about how the agent might of treated the writer. Agents can be mean and nasty, but I guess from your comments writers should just take it. Should agents treat writers like crap and expect no retribution?

All I can say is the agents that I know are really nice. I send a form letter rejection written by the head of our agency and it is really nice. I don’t think I’ve ever said harsh words to a writer, and even if I had, or even if some other agent had, no one deserves to be physically touched ever.

I talked to the Book Goggles website, and the HuffPo, and with this blog post this is the last I will speak of this thing that happened be it random or not until I know more about what actually happened. I just want to talk about books, and do my job, and be Southern and bury everything that happened into a deep corner of my mind and never talk about it again :). But I do promise to give updates as I know more information.

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    I have found agents to be very kind, never a harsh word. Just the fact that they take time to respond, especially when they do it personally and specifically, is much appreciated. I’ve never heard or seen them make a nasty comment. I think writers get confused about what is actually happening. When you query an agent, you are asking for their time. They don’t owe you anything.

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    How ’bout them Cowboys? [hug] ;)

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    Wow. I don’t care WHAT an agent (or editor, or person you tried to pick up in bar or bumped into in a parking lot) said to you, you do NOT get to attack them. Period. End of story.

    I’ve received a LOT of rejections in my writing career, including one from Larsen Pomada (my very first, as it happens). They’ve all been polite and professional … except maybe the one where the agent simply scrawled “NO!” underlined three times across the top of my query letter and mailed it back. And the proper response to that one was to simply be grateful such an unprofessional agent hadn’t agreed to sign me!

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    Oh man. Pam. Just seeing what happened now…A hug from me doesn’t feel like it would quite cut it…but ((((hug))))).

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    I’m sorry you were hurt and scared. There’s no reason anyone should ever be in that situation. As a writer who knows you from Twitter, I’ve always found you to be a reasonable, sweet, genuine human being.

    Take it easy, relax, be safe, you’re in my prayers.


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    Good luck to you. Hope all smooths out soon :)

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    I am just horrified this happened to you. I probably shouldn’t be shocked that you’ve received emails like the one you mentioned above, but still I am. I’ve been in the writing industry for a long time, sold my first book in 2004 and queried and submitted a lot before that and I’ve NEVER received a response from any editor or agent that wasn’t professional and kind. Regardless, no response could warrant such an attack and you shouldn’t have to defend yourself in such a way. I’ll leave it at that, but suffice it to say I’m feeling very indignant on your behalf.


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    Part of the reason I decided to sign with you, Pam, is because you struck me as such a light-hearted, lovely and enthusiastic person. I love that you want to keep distance on judging what happened. No one should ever be terrorized, for any reason. I’m glad you’re putting this in a box and going to do continue to do good work in the publishing world.

    Hugs and kisses.


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    That sucks.

    Hugs from me as well.

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    I hope everything works out, and the person is punished as the law says they should be. (Hugs, Pam).

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