Ze query inbox…

My query inbox will be closed until January 13th of 2013. That is if we live past the Mayan Calendar. In which case, I should say just in case… my query inbox is closed forevermore!

I know what you are thinking. Gosh darnit, Pam. Your box was closed all through June, and now it is closed until forevermore!? I thought you were a new agent building your list.

I am a new agent, and I will still be accepting pitches and such at conferences. I feel my list is pretty darn strong right now. I have four adult romance writers (I just signed one today I am super excited about but I’ll let her do the announcement), and six YA writers! I need to take some time and focus on these clients and their books and what they are writing next and so on and so forth.

Agenting is not the only thing I do. I have this blog, and the Bookalicious.org blog. Thankfully I have friends who are helping me manage the latter, or it wouldn’t exist. I read a lot of romance, I want to design and get some good writers on a romance blog this month or next. I want to write my book, which is how I started with my agency- as a client.

I run the agency website and take care of Laurie McLean’s two backlist e-publishing venture websites. I gave up writing for Guys Lit Wire, and I haven’t written a professional review for the San Francisco Book Review for a long time.

So I will be back in 2013, if the inevitable doesn’t happen. I am still on the hunt for that illusive MG fantasy writer. I’ll be in Houston in October, and the Central Coast in September! Good luck with your MS!

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    Hi Pam,

    we had a quick chat via your question time and you mentioned that you always respond after reading a requested submission.

    You mentioned on your previous blog post that you thought you would be all caught up by the end of this week – is that the case? I submitted the material you requested to you early August and haven’t heard anything. Is there a chance the material didn’t end up reaching you? It is MG high concept fantasy.

    Please accept my apologies if this feel like I’m hounding you – I’m not. Just not sure whether you’ve finished reading all the submissions you received or you’re still working your way through.


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