On stopping to smell the roses…

As many of you know I went away for two weeks. I had little chance to be online and I screwed up putting manuscripts I wanted to read on my Kindle so I was unable to work at all. At first I was freaked out. If I could get the interwebs I could get the manuscripts again, and then I could work! Because it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to relax. After a couple of days of no internet and no 3G, hell even no bars on my phone for texting or calling, I was able to calm down and relax. Really relax. I had no idea how pent up I was, how much of my stress came from needless worrying about things I can’t fix or change. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be home and I am looking forward to beginning work again now with a new vigor and fresh eyes.

The first night of our vacation we went to Reno to stay in a suite at the Peppermill. Laurie had a deal and set us up in a swank room with a hot tub. The toddler appreciated it greatly. He sat in the water for hours eating fresh strawberries we found at a stand on our way into town.

The second day we went to Elko Nevada where my friend Shanyn lives where I meet her husband and her awesomely strange dog Peso.

From there we went to Salt Lake City and Provo stopping at the Salt Flats on the way and at the King’s English bookstore which was a bucket list item for me and I bought three books! On this vacation I five books and a short story none of which were ARCs or work! Okay, one was an ARC but it was CARNIVAL OF SOULS so hey, that wasn’t blog work at all.

At this point I still had spotty 3G and was able to check my email… After Provo though things changed. We stayed in Caineville UT which isn’t even on my GPS. We had to find our hotel the old way, with maps and calling for directions. Then Tuba City where I met many wonderful Navajo people and bought some jewelry and dolls at a yard sale I randomly found.

We saw the Grand Canyon and I was awestruck with it’s beauty. I saw the desert, the Hoover Dam, I saw an actual fucking tumbleweed. We went to Flagstaff which felt dirty and off (at least our hotel did) so we moved on to Williams where we ate at a kitschy diner on the Route 66.

We had three days in Vegas where the kitsch was out of control but still inspiring in it’s own way. We took our toddler son to Disney and I watched his eyes light up every time he saw a new character. He unconditionally loved them all. His love and awe inspired me.

We, who live on the computer, writing our books, socializing with like minded individuals in the publishing industry, do not often stop to remember that other people don’t live the way we do. Our imaginations are out of control, but instead of pulling that creative energy from the Grand Canyon we are drawing it from online interaction.

I’m tired, so effin tired. We traveled 2500 miles in like 10 days. But after I rest, I will be back at my desk. Reading your queries, your manuscripts, your emails with a fresh eye. A less judgmental eye. I look forward to reopening my query box on August 10th.

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    So glad you unplugged. Such a good reminder for all of us to do so on occassion. Welcome home. :)

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    I wish Tony would get me some bacon roses. Om nom nom.

    Also. Yay for vacations and family fun time. I think unplugging from time to time is essential to mental health, seriously. Like when I take twitter breaks, I feel my blood pressure go down.

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