Every time I think I like the HuffPo…

They go and do something that reminds me that they will print anything. Today the story is from the Stop the GR Bullies site. You know, the one that bullies the bullies to stop bullying? BULLYCEPTION!

I don’t see why the Huffpo couldn’t have researched both sides of the issue before just posting a story in books as news. So thanks for making this horrible website feel more legitimate.

I mean really Huffpo, authors all around our fair nation and even beyond it’s shores are speaking out against this website. Stacia Kane, Janni Lee Simner, Rachel Hawkins and more are disgusted with the bad behavior and are asking the owners of the GR Bullies site to not avenge them. They have it under control.

Once your book is published it is no longer yours anymore. It is being read subjectively by the masses. Each whom have their own life experiences that factor into whether or not a person enjoys a specific piece of media.

A few things the post referenced above didn’t mention is that when you sign up for an author account on Goodreads it tells you in no uncertain terms that you are not to react negatively to a negative review of your work. While authors are encouraged to join and even interact with readers for their own promotion as well as an incitement for readers to join Goodreads, the site is inherently a social network for readers.

I have never said there aren’t problems within Goodreads, but there are problems within every single social online community on the planet. There are trolls there, but they generally in my experience are not the ones that this site points out.

There are several things that do not constitute a review one of the most popular is the ad homininem attack (The author is a puppy kicker so I gave her book one star.). That is what I consider a troll review.

The most important thing to remember as an author is that once your book baby is born you cannot control what other people think of it. Just like I can’t control what other people think of my toddler when he throws himself to the ground in the middle of Disneyland screaming for a toy we didn’t buy him.

Readers are not professional reviewers. Readers are passionate and that passion flows over into sites like Goodreads in many ways. They can hate your book. They absolutely can use gifs and pictures. They can laugh out loud at your prose, and they can hate every aspect of your novel. Readers are allowed to do that. And I get that it hurts, but for every person that hates your book somewhere else there is a person who loves it just as passionately.

Your readership does not consist wholly on Goodreads. The people on Goodreads and Amazon who love or hate or are simply meh about your book doesn’t harm or help your book sales at all. They are a small percentage of your book buying public. You go from being an author with a bad review to infamous when you react negatively to a bad review. Then people who had yet to discover you do so and see you the author in a bad light.

So while I don’t always agree with the methods of review (again a subjective thing much like reading) this bullyception really must end. Try to think about how it would feel for you to be outed the way you are outing these reviewers and their personal life details.

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    One thing to consider, is that no matter how you react to a negative review – even if you’re polite – there is nothing you can say or do that will change that person’s experience reading it. Nothing.

    Explaining why you wrote something in a certain manner, where you got your information, or why your style is the way it is, will not change what a person’s first experience with a book was. Neither will calling them names or telling them that they’re personal opinions are wrong. That’s just as offensive as someone telling you, you wrote your story the wrong way.
    This is reading; an event that either steals your imagination away and takes you on an adventure, or it doesn’t.

    Instead, take you ‘style,’ prose, and abilities, and focus them on writing your next great story, because you’re right, there are people that love what you’ve done and they’re the ones who deserve your effort and attention.

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    Agreed. Trolls feed off of indignation. The best thing any Goodreads Author can do is ignore trolls. It bores them.

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    I agree. I didn’t know about this controversy until yesterday. I started looking it up and found 2 sets of bullies bullying each other and getting mad at the other for bullying them. Ridiculous!

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    I do not know but I have been reading you want to read it, thanks :)

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