My Book Came Out. Now What?

So you spent your advance money on an indoor slide instead of saving 25% for a marketing budget and now your book has been out for over two weeks and your publisher has already moved on to the next big release and you have no clue what to do and the joy your indoor slide once brought you is now ruined by anxiety. Don’t worry! There are lots of free/cheap ways for you to get the word out and to continue to keep your book relevant.

1. Look at all the books in your genre that came out from all the different publishers around the same time your book came out. Chances are they are in the same boat as you. Interview them, let those authors write a guest post. Bond over your savvy indoor slides. Market each other to your readers.

2. Now that you’ve made friends each of you offer up one of your books for an epic contest. You can all use the same Rafflecopter code on each of your sites. SEVEN BOOKS ABOUT ALIENS IN ONE UNEARTHLY PRIZE PACK OF DOOM!!

3. Consider looking for and joining collaboration blogs in your genre. Be at relevant tweet chats when you can.

4. Talk to your local booksellers. A LOT. Let them know you are willing anytime to be tacked on to relevant events so that there is more than one author and that makes it fun.

5. Reach out to book clubs in your area and online and through indie bookstores everywhere. Offer a free Skype session to any book club that chooses your book.

And after all of that, you should probably work on writing your next book. Do you guys have any other tips or tricks?

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    Hey, those are terrific! You actually named off a couple I had never thought of or read directly before and that’s a feat, as I’ve been reading posts like this for nigh three years.

    And THE SLIDE. MUST have the slide. Even if I do only have one level in my living space…

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    Great post – thank you for the advice on a free/or-near-to-free book marketing and publicity campaign. If you did decide to keep your 25% reserved for marketing expenses what would a good marketing campaign encompass? Website design would be an obvious choice but what else am I missing? Thank you!

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    Save some money for your launch party. Also for swag like postcards and book marks. It is also a good idea to buy some finished copies at the author rate from the publisher.

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    Being a self publish author in New York I suggest physically selling your book yourself. You would have to establish this with your publisher contract wise but once you do taking your book to street fairs, book conventions, and comic cons can be great exposure. The main objective is to create a following. By selling my self published book in the streets of New York I have created a nice cult following. Remember there’s other ways to move copies of your book that doesn’t involve books stores and kindles.

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    Hey, I remember you! I know you are doing great with your books. My top five for self publishers is coming soon but if you wanted to guest post that one I would love to have you!

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    I would love to share my experience about self publishing. From time to time I meet published authors who complain about their publisher not pushing their books and I alway suggest selling it themselves. So I would love to guest post and contribute the info I’ve learn through the years.

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    I’ll email you at the email address you input into the comment field.

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    I would second reserving some budget for bookmarks/postcards. Speaking as a bookseller, those are really nice when you’re trying to set up a relationship with a bookstore for events/signings and you don’t perhaps have a finished copy of your book available for the manager/buyer to look over. (Libraries like those too to help with their promotions.)

    I would also suggest calling ahead to set up a time to talk to the manager of the bookstore (or whomever is in charge of events at the stores you are targeting) so you have the manager’s undivided attention. Too often we’ve had an author randomly show up out of the blue, on a Saturday when it’s already crazy-busy and we barely have time to give good service to our customers, and demand a half-hour of the MOD’s time. (Another caveat: don’t show up to promote your book/co-opt the bookstore staff at another author’s event – this might seem like a no-brainer but that happened once at my store and we had one piiiisssed publicist on our hands).

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    Oops, I lost a few words on the previous comment.

    If you’re getting scheduled with another author for an event that’s totally cool. Thumbs up for that. (Maybe there are just odd humans in my neck of the woods and no one else has had an author start “poaching” the audience at someone else’s event.)

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    WOW! After seeing that picture I actually do want to spend my spare money on an indoor slide. :D

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