30 Day Photo Challenge Day 4: The Experiment

I know what you’re thinking. What happened to day three Pam? Pam got sick of trying to dig out her old big camera and has decided to try different iPhonetography apps this month. Yay. This is my guinea pig Bella and the Hipstamatic app with in app purchased lens and flash.

Go forth and check out better photos at these other participants.

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    Personally I think that anything involving guinea pigs should be classed as an experiment. The colouring is hilarious and Bella looks confused, so I’d class this experiment as a success – though I was wondering what the hypothesis was…

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    That looks like a dog, not a guinea pig to me. ;-)

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    Guinea pig…ah! I get it!! Took me a minute…

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    I read the “Art of iPhoneography” book and am now addicted to iPhone photo apps with a Posterous account to prove it.

    I love how the Hipstamatic filter picked up both the changing weave in the couch and the detail in Bella’s fur.

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    Melissa, OOOH I Need to buy that book!

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    Meleah LOVES that PAM speaks in the 3rd person, because Meleah thinks it’s HILARIOUS when anyone speaks like that.

    And Meleah *likes* this photo!

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    Hah, a guinea pig! That’s perfect. I love it.

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    That is a really superb science experiment you have there! I love the name Bella for a Guinea Pig! She’s adorable!

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    An experiment within an experiment. This absolves you for missing the 3rd day.

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    Sweet. And maybe it’s just me, but I thought it looked like the point of view of someone on an acid trip. Not that I know what that point of view looks like.


    So, um, did I mention that I really like your photo?

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    Aww … very cute! He looks very hip indeed. :)

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    I love it!!!! And I love my Iphone too. I use Magic Hour to edit all the time. do you use that one?

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    No! I don’t but I will buy it. Have you tried Cinegram yet?

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    I had trouble finding you. The link on my blog took me to your #1 and #2 pics. Great photo pun. Very clever.

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    Hah! I can’t believe I was so slow to pick up on the guinea pig/experiment photo pun! Love it (and the photo!)

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    Awwwww I miss my piggles. I’ve rescued six guinea pigs over the years…. they are so sweet – great pets. I miss them!

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