Contest: Wicked as They Come

It has been a while since I hosted a contest and when I got a second copy of Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson I knew I had to give it to you guys! I loved this book and I think it has great crossover appeal to YA readers. Just use the form below to enter and remember you don’t need to use your full name, but make sure you input the right email!

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    For some reason, panther is leaping to the forefront. I doubt vampires would be much easier to elude if given that added stealth.

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    Wow, I would hate to meet a vampire unicorn because it could impale you with its horn as it was sucking you dry.

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    I like Susan’s answer above lol, but I think meeting up with a wild boar vampire would be even worse as it has not one tusk but TWO ;O

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    I would hate to meet a vampire kitten, because it would be so cute and cuddly and lull me in with a false sense of “Awwww”… and then? ATTACK!

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    I would hate to meet a vampire Guinea Pig..ever since the Blockbuster commercial with the Guinea Pig eating the guys leg they freak me out..add the Vampire Element to it…they would be killer.

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    Cougar. That thing could kill me without the extra vampire abilities, so with them I would not stand a chance. And I’d probably be mesmerized by it, since I find them so lovely :P

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    I would hate to run into a vampire grizzly bear! Yikes!

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    Koala Bear. They look all cute and cuddly but can climb trees and get you from above.

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    I’d hate to me a vampire panda! I prefer them bamboo-thirsty, not blood thirsty.

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    I feel like an antelope would be a pretty crazy vampire. It would be very unassuming/

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    A golden retriever because they are just so darn cute they could lure you in so easily.

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    Snake! I just keep thinking of the creepy flying snakes in the “Gone” series, so just imagine them being creepy flying snakes which also happen to be vampires! ;)

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    I would like to see a vampire sloth! There so slow and lazy and adorably ugly.

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    Vampire rabbits could possibly make my mind explode. Why are these lettuce-munching, carrot-crunching bunnies trying to suck my blooooood?

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    A Vampiric wolf would be dangerous as well.

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    Honey Badger! Most fearless animal on the planet. Can you imagine if it wanted to drink your blood? IT WOULDN’T CARE. It would mom you under any means possible.

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    I have some bad news, y’all. There are some starring roles that even adorably evil bunnies can’t fill, and you’ve named several of them. The e-novella has one particularly dastardly nature scene gone wrong. =)

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