So here we are again at Bloggiesta! Ole! This year I am giving you a top ten basic HTML lesson. For the challenge part pick three (or more) elements below to use in a Bloggiesta update post then come back here to link in the comments so that I can go visit all the posts. One person who follows all of those rules will win a book of their choice (up to $20) ordered to them. Let’s get started!

Need info on Bloggiesta? What is Bloggiesta?

Check Suey’s blog, and Danielle’s blog.

Lesson One:

This is how you make something clickable.

Lesson Two:

This is how you make your email clickable! When someone clicks on it their mail program opens and they can email you posthaste.

Lesson Three:

This is a great way to make your paragraphs look nice! You put the p before, type the paragraph and /p at the end.

Lesson Four:

This is for when your pictures are being lame and all the font is running together and it just doesn’t look nice. Clearfix will fix it for you.

Lesson Five:

This is an unordered list. Meaning not numbered. It should make bullet points for you and it looks really snazzy because it spaces for you also. Here is an example of the code fixed to my theme:

  • list item one
  • list item two
  • list item three

Lesson Six:

This is the code to make a pretty ordered list. Ordered meaning numbered. Here is an example.

  1. item one
  2. item two
  3. item three

Lesson Seven:

When that blog tour needs you to make one word colored for the scavenger. This is the easiest way to do that.

Lesson Eight:

This is also for coloring text, but when you want more control than just the color name. You insert the HEX code instead. (Hex codes are numbers assigned to different shades of primary colors). You an find out more about them at the Hex Hub

Lesson Nine:

Here are some style options.

Lesson Ten:

This is for headers. This is also subject to your theme. I’ve found some themes don’t support these at all (but really all should and most do). If H3 headers aren’t supported try H2 instead. Never use H1 for headers in posts, its an SEO thing. For an example every header above ever picture here (Lesson One:) is an H3 header.