The Modelland markup tour

So if you follow on Twitter you know I am reading Modelland. I have to get through it because I requested it from the San Francisco Book Review. I did this because I really wanted to like it and I adored the premise. About six pages in I realized my mistake. It was a horrendous, and horrific mistake. I needed a way to finish the book so I mentioned on Twitter that I was thinking about reading it and marking it up with my thoughts and giving it away to you guys as a fun way to get through the book. Then the idea formed that we should send it around and all mark it up with it eventually coming back to me as spoils of my masochistic phase.

So if you want to be included in the markup tour, comment below and put your email you like to be contacted at in the email field of the comment form. We will keep it US/Canada only so shipping is cheap with media mail. We read it, mark it and mail it to the next person.


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    Sounds like fun, I definitely picture this book as one of those movies where maybe it’s so bad it’s good. :)

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    After seeing all your hilarious remarks about this on twitter I want to find how just how bad it is

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    Sign me up! 1) I’ve been wanting to take a look at MODELLAND, and 2) I love snarkiness.

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    Normally I don’t do tours, but… for you… and for the snark… count me in. :)

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    I love this idea! Yes please. :) You know my e-mail already.

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    Yes. This MUST happen. It will give me a way to suffer through reading it.

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    This sounds fun!

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    I love this idea! Even though we all discuss book thoughts on Twitter, Goodreads, etc, but the immediacy of getting someone else’s thoughts as you read is fantastic.

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    Oh god, I’m in…. I have to read this train wreck of a book.

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    Hahaha this is hysterical.

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    Sounds like fun sign me up :D

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    I have a pink pen poised for snark.

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    Absolutely – sounds like fun!

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    Wow, this sounds incredible.
    Too bad I can’t apply to mark it up.
    Please share as you progress in the tour.

    Have fun!

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    I am usually one to NEVER EVER write in books but I think I must make an exception for this one… Count me in!

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    I would love to, but I don’t have the time with school which stinks. Is it possible to share some real zingers afterward? That book is going to be so much better with your editing. ;)

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