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A few weeks ago Beth Kephart had a problem. Even with Netgalley and ARC mailings and BEA her book was in danger of getting a smaller printing than originally had been thought due to the lack of buzz. All of us who had read You Are My Only, were in love with the novel. Beth has a knack for writing love and hope into painful situations and I am so grateful that Amy brought Beth to my attention with her The Heart is Not a Size.

When we found out about Beth’s problem, we wanted to help. Danielle organized a guest blogging and review schedule for bloggers and Shanyn put together a contest for Waiting on Wednesday posts.

We emailed every blogger we knew that might enjoy Beth’s latest release, letting them know it was on Netgalley and they could use it for WoW posts. Excitement grew as did reviews and postings.

Colleen Modor from Chasing Ray helped with her blog, Bookslut column and Kirkus. Thank you Colleen.

Beth herself set up a scavenger hunt for her guest posts. We had a plan and we executed it.

A few days ago, Beth posted this on her Facebook page:

You Are My Only has gone back on press for a second printing, eleven days before it is due out in stores. You want to know if bloggers have an impact? You want to know if your work is valued? Don’t ask anymore.

So this is me, saying thank you, to every blogger who helped, who posted a WoW, reviewed, tweeted, Facebooked their Mum and everything else you did.

Together we can make a huge difference.

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    I am so proud of what you accomplished! I wasn’t able to participate, but not for lack of interest. I am so glad that readers and writers can now come together to get the word out about something they love!

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    This is amazing news!!!! Congratulations to all!!

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    Congratulations on a job well done to a super group of bloggers!

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    That’s really admirable!
    I am glad I have friends who are so awesome at promoting books and getting attention to books that may not have the same hype and publicity as others.

    You all should be very very proud of what you have done for Beth Kephart :-D

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    I didn’t know about this! I would’ve pushed it up on my reading pile (which I will do now anyway). So glad it worked :)

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    Love reading this sort of stuff. Makes me a proud blogger to be apart of such love.

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    That’s so seriously awesome! I’m so glad it made a difference!

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    This makes me so happy! I wish I could have participated earlier, but I did get my review up this last week – finally. :)

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    WOW. Well done. :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

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    Oh wow. If I had known, I would have gladly helped! But this is just more proof that bloggers DO sell books.

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    [...] beyond thrilled to hear about this because Beth and her gorgeous book definitely deserve it. Pam at Bookalicious put together a fabulous post that includes a huge thank you from all of us that organized the [...]

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    I was so thrilled for Beth when I read that on Facebook. I cannot wait to read the hard copy I preordered, and I have a giveaway for 2 copies going now…in honor of Beth’s treasure hunt. I have two other copies to giveaway later in the year.

    Thanks for all of your help with Beth’s book buzz…she’s an author that truly deserves it.

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    This is fantastic news! I love hearing hat a difference we can make while we are sharing our love for our hobby of reading.

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    What a cool story – awesome job!

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    What a great story. It shows blogging is more than racking up numbers and saying “buy my book.” It’s about Community and that’s what really matters.

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    This is so cool! I love this story!

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    That’s awesome – bloggers are taking over the interwebsssss!
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

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    That is so amazing! Go bloggers!

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    [...] Also, a huge thank you to everyone who helped to promote her book over the last couple of months! I’m not going to mention names because I know I’ll leave someone out, but thank you so so much! Besides, I think Pam gave the best thank you ever over at her blog. [...]

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    How did I miss this? Can I just say, again, thank you. The power of you all — it is unspeakable. I am hugely appreciative of EVERYthing you have done.

    And I will never forget it.

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