TTT: Top Ten Things You Want to See More or Less of in Books

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1. Love interests who are not flat. I want depth and complexity.
2. Lead characters diverse in race and sexuality.
3. Urban fantasy, not paranormal, fantasy.
4. SciFi for girls.
5. Stand alone paranormal and fantasy.


1. The gay bestie who is freaking happy and fabulous and perky.
2. Love triangles.
3. Series books.
4. Under developed side characters.
5. Same story different characters.

What are your top ten more or less in books?

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    I have noticed that especially in YA there are so many series right now! It makes your brain hurt just trying to keep up with what book is in what series and where it is!
    Great list :]

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    I agree we need more diverse characters both in ethnicity and sexuality. It is something I believe is often overlooked.

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    I definitely agree with wanting less of series. I keep finding interesting authors that I love and enjoy via Twitter or on blogs and can’t wait for their WIPs to turn into published pieces, and when I find out they’re writing a series I’m like…dangit. AGAIN? I just really like books that END, you know?

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    I liked your #5 on the “less of” list. I listed that as well on my post.

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    [...] (As seen on Bookalicious) The gay bestie who is freaking happy and fabulous and perky – this just lacks development [...]

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    Ummmm, I wonder if authors are seeing these lists this week! Love triangles are really getting a hit!

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    Same story different characters. I really get tired of that…I mean yes the books are great and of COURSE i’m still going to read them but I really really want something to surprise me and have something new. I love picking up books that are different.
    Something unique! Someone new.

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    Hear, hear for less love triangles. I am so very, very tired of them. They have actually gone from an interest of mine to a sort of pet peeve. Ah, the ups and downs of reading.

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    I would just like to give my opinion on your entry, “Sci-Fi for girls”. First of all, why does it have to be “for girls” alone? YA is fantasy-ridden and the books under the sci-fi genre are very rare. There’s no such thing as Sci-Fi for boys. Sci-fi for men, maybe, But for boys? No. Sci-fi is mostly about interplanetary travels, intergalactic conflicts, robotics, cloning, space time continuum, mutation, parallel universe. Are there that many ya books that has those elements? I don’t think so. If you were thinking about Across the Universe when you stated that more sci-fi for girls entry, perhaps you meant Sci-Fi Lite? How do you even qualify a “Sci-Fi for girls” novel? If the tropes commonly found on those paranormal romance ya, “dystopian” ya and contemporary ya then I would suggest for the authors and publishers to leave sci-fi genre alone.

    I’m sorry for the long rant. The scarceness of sci-fi novels frustrates me and to think that ya lacks sci-fi targeted for a specific gender is plain wrong.

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    Absolutely on the sci fi for girls. That is a great idea.

    Come read my list at The Scarlet Letter.

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    Aaron: I meant MORE scifi in general and specifically scifi that will draw girls into the genre period.

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    Love this list. As much as I love all the series that are out there, I would like for just ONCE to have a book end with out a big cliffhanger after which I have to wait 12-18 months to get my next fix.

    And to weigh in on sci-fi. Although not young adult, I always recommend David Weber’s Honor Harrington series to people of ALL ages that want to try Sci-Fi. And did you know he has a YA book coming out in October? Of course it’s the first in a, yes you guessed it… series. :-)

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    As an editor, couldn’t agree more, Pam. Especially regarding more diversity and more complex characters and love interests.

    What a beautifully designed book review site, too. I’ve added you to my google reader.


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