September is for reading my own books :)

Amended April 29th 2012: It has come to my attention that another blogger had a read my own books month in August a full month before mine was set to start. My RYOBM came 7 days after her initial post and from Twitter conversation with my friends who helped in the links below about how we bemoaned the lack of time to read our own books. Both of us having the same event at the same time was unintentional. I wasn’t aware of her event until Brian told me later after our posts had went up. I wouldn’t have been able to participate in an August event as it was. I will not be hosting this even in September this year. Check What She Read near August to see if she will be reading from her pile this year.

I don’t know about you guys but I have been buying books like mad. Then I never read them because there is always something else to read. I read review books for this blog and the SFBR, then I try to catch up on review books I missed, paperback releases and a million other things. I want to read my own books! So I mentioned this on Twitter and got a good response so I will be working with three other bloggers to make this a huge, fun thing for all of us :D

Firstly you can sign up at the bottom of this post to read your own books in September. Secondly each week four discussion posts will go live on the various blogs with an inlinkz if you want to participate in the topic of the day. Thirdly (is that even a word?) at the end of the month anyone who signs up for a swap will be matched with a book blogger buddy to swap on of the books you read from your own pile in September! A huge digital book swap of fun :D Fourthly (omg really fourthly is a word?) Each week I will post a blog post here for you to link up your blog again (even more traffic!) to tell us what books that you bought that you read for the week. So whaddya say bloggers?! Can I get a hell yeah?

Monday discussion in September will be with Susan at Waste Paper Prose

Wednesday discussion in September will be with Teresa at Teresa’s Reading Corner

Thursday discussions in September will happen be with Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit..

Friday discussions in September will happen here.

The Twitter hash tag is #SIRYOBM

Sign up for the book swap by clicking this link to fill out the Google Form, you have until September 1st to sign up.

On August 31st I will post a list of what I am planning on reading and invite you to do the same so you can link up for that too.

Sign up for the month!


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    Oh, yeah….I seriously need to get myself on this train. BAD about this…

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    Can you get a hell yeah? HELL YEAH, I’m in! We moved what I thought was 1 box of books to this apartment last week. Unbeknownst to me, a total of 4 boxes showed up. I do not want to be packing these up again. So yes, I am in. Bigtime.

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    I’m already participating in a Read My Own Books Challenge with another blogger for this month. However, I’ll do your challenge too, because I have so many books on my shelf.

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    Yep I just found out about Michelle’s today and I am going to have to work hard the rest of August to get my books read this month so I can read my own books :D

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    [...] I just learned last night that Pam of along with three other bloggers is hosting September is…Read Your Own Books Month. Plus I have a whole host of other books still waiting for me on the bookshelf in my office. I [...]

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    Great idea! We all need one month of the year when we’re completely unfettered by reading obligations and can enjoy freewheeling through our TBR stacks as the spirit moves us.

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    [...] I learned Tuesday night that Pam of along with three other bloggers is hosting September is…Read Your Own Books Month. Plus I have a whole host of other books still waiting for me on the bookshelf in my office. As I [...]

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    Hell Yeah! (Ok now I have that song stuck in my head lol)

    I’ve been reading so many fabulous review copies recently but my personal book stash is growing and I can’t wait to get to read them :)

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    [...] week we will have a different topic for you each day to participate in on our blogs! Check out the original post for more info on all the [...]

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    [...] Month as hosted by Michelle at That’s What She Read. This month I’m participating in September Is…Read Your Own Books Month as hosted by Pam at Bookalicious. On Sunday, I mentioned the fifth Charlie Chan and A Clash of [...]

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