Review: Wicked in Your Arms by Sophie Jordan

“Enchanting, lush and romantic. Wicked in Your Arms is a whimsical tale of finding love among the Peerage.”

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Title:Wicked in Your Arms (Forgotten Princesses #1)
Author:Jordan, Sophie

From Hicklebee’s One of the most notoriously eligible bachelors in Europe is finally ready to marry . . .

For fiercely independent Grier Hadley, being the illegitimate daughter of one of London’s most unsavory characters has only one advantage: an enormous, ill-gotten dowry.

Prince Sevastian Maksimi knows where his duty lies: he must find a well-bred young lady—one with a considerable fortune to her name—wed her promptly, and get to the business of producing an heir.

The last thing Grier needs is some unattainable prince curling her toes with his smoldering glances and wicked suggestions. As far as Sev is concerned, she lacks the breeding to become a princess. And yet one kiss from this arresting female is all it takes for him to realize that anyone else in his arms would be unthinkable . . .

Oh Sophie Jordan, you enamored me with Firelight and steamed up my nights with Wicked in Your Arms. It’s been quite a long time since I read a romance and when this one showed up on my doorstep I did a little happy dance. I knew I loved Jordan’s teen writing and I couldn’t wait to see how her prose was used in the romance genre.

Sevastian seems to be a foppish prat, concerned only with finding a well bred girl to marry and bed down with heirs for his kingdom. It is after all his duty. Grier is as much a feminist as her time period allows, when she first encounters Sev she dislikes him immediately, enough to pour a glass of lemon water over his head. It was quite the satisfying scene.

As the book progresses we learn that Sev isn’t as douchebaggy as it seems. He is in quite a rough position being the son who was never supposed to inherit the kingdom and he just came off of a long war campaign. Still no matter how much he cares for/ is entertained by Grier the fact remains she may have the money but not the breeding.

Grier and Sev part ways knowing they can never be together until the unthinkable happens and they both have to decide which road they will take and if they both will defy the constraints of society and try to be together.

Wicked in Your Arms is lush, full of peerage and courtly mannerisms and is a very satisfying read.

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    This will probably sound ridiculous, but I avoided reading this one because I thought the name ‘Sevastian’ would drive me crazy. I get that authors want to be creative and that sometimes characters need an exotic touch, but I find it a serious distraction while reading. After reading your review, though, I’m more inclined to check it out: I love it when a douchebag gets something thrown on him. ;) And if he redeems himself in the end, so much the better.

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    Oh, and I meant to say that I have no problem with the traditional ‘Sebastian,’ lest I offend someone out there!

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    I thought the same thing about the nook but since he is called Sev most of the time it’s not annoying at all!

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    I just added this to my Goodreads to read pile. I’ve always meant to check out her adult romance books.

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    [...] with Jordan’s work.Disclosure: Received for review.Other Reviews of Wicked In Your Arms:Bookalicious Girls In the Stacks Book Chic ClubPurchase Wicked In Your Arms here.*FYI I receive a small [...]

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    HAHA!! You said douchebaggy in your review! <3

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE one of the best books ive read in a long time!!!.

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