A tiny experiment

With results to come after as well as my initial hypothesis. If you could please look to the right —-> over there and be my friend or follow my blog or whatever it is you do with Google Friend Connect I would highly appreciate you letting me use you as a test bunny.

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    Interested to see what is going on :)

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    Done! Google Friend Connect really confuses me though xD I don’t know what it’s for.

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    I’m following :)

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    Done… interested to see what the “results” are :).

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    Though I read your posts via rss feed, I’m curious about your experiment. :-)

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    Done! I don’t know how this works, but I’ll be your test bunny!

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    following! good luck with the experiment!

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    You guys all rock. I can’t wait to share my findings with you!

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    *insert robot voice*
    Hello. I am test bunny #45.
    Thank you.

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    Done, wondering what your doing :)

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    I am Test Bunny #53! :oD

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    I’m a new follower!!! *throws confetti* :P

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    This is just your sneaky way to get me to follow you, isn’t it? Haha! Well, it worked! :D

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    Andye no no nothing sneaky. It will be gone again soon :D

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    Done. Inspires me to add Google Follow on my blog (only thought it worked on Blogspot sites). I love the “Elsewhere” sidebar section. Is it a widget?

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