My TBR it Overfloweth

So I have a tiny problem….

So yeah those are the books that are A) for review in March and April B) Books I already got behind on or C) books I really want to read for me. And that isn’t counting Netgalley. Now before you go on a rampage about how I A) requested all those books, B) gets too many books period or C) accepted too many, let me drop some knowledge on you. All of these books except for five were not pitched, got at a conference, or just came cause I am on a list. I love working hard on my blog and promoting all these fabulous books. However there is only one Pam (I know you thought there were at least 3 right?) so I am going to make a HUGE poll daddy and you guys can vote on one book that you think I should pick up right now, cause dudes I am overwhelmed and I am not reading. When you have done this, leave me a comment saying you voted because one lucky voter will pick five of these ARCs (not my finished copies I bought those for me) for their own reviewing pleasure.

The books that don’t say bought / won/ conference / requested just magically showed up in my mailbox.


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    I voted! That’s a crazy lot of books!! :)

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    I voted on Haven, mostly because I’d like to read your review of it :) Kinda greedy on my part!

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    DAMN that is a lot of books!! I probably have that many but that would be total TBR books, not just for two months. Anyway, I voted for Clarity because it’s AWESOME. Sean Griswold’s Head is a close second though.

    Very jealous you have Blood Magic btw, lol.

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    Voted. That is one long list. I’d be overwhelmed too.

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    or clarity or iron handle or huntress. hmm… I see your problem. I thought I was bogged down with only four arcs. I also have huntress so I am curious to see what you think.

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    What a stack! I voted for The Tiger’s Wife since it’s a book on my tbr pile but I suggest maybe starting with the smallest books first? Good luck on conquering Mount TBR!

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    I voted…but I still say that many of those would look AMAZING on MY shelf…hee hee! Good luck with this! Great idear by the way!

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    I voted for the only book on your list I have read, it was very good. We read very different genres, so most of the titles were all knew to me. Happy choosing.

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    Holy hell Pam that’s one big bleeping list! I voted :D

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    I voted! :) good luck with narrowing your tbr pile

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    Holy smokes, and I thought my pile was bad… :D Good luck and I hope the book I voted for turns out to be a good one!

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    I voted for “Oracle of Stamboul”, because I read it and found it to be a very mesmerizing read. It may not be fast-paced, its a meticulous read, but very rewarding. But if I had to choose another one, I would have gone with “Haven”, just because I’ve read such wonderful reviews of the book, and would love to hear what you had to say about it before I pick it up, since I really appreciate your opinion.

    Thanks for turning this into a giveaway of sorts. I’m sure your readers/followers appreciate it – I know I do! :)

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    I voted for red Glove because I want to see your review of Holly Blacks curseworkers. Oh the mom is piece of work. Disfunctional family at its best.

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    I voted for Clarity cause I loved it but there were others I loved too, so it was a hard choice. My TBR looks similar (bit bigger actually) but it’s not all review books. It’s mostly bought books actually. But it’s still overwhelming cause I want to read them all!

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    Candace, I buy a lot of books too but I put them at the back of my TBR :(

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    Hi Pam….what do you mean there aren’t THREE of you? You mean to tell me that you’re NOT cloned??! Darn. That would have made my night if you *were* But I voted.

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    I voted! I thought I was getting a little overwhelmed :)

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    Oh snapz, that’s a ton of books! It’s so hard to pick! You had a really good idea with asking your readers. I voted for Clarity because I thought it was freaking amazing, and I think you’ll enjoy Clare’s narration. :)

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    WOW thats a lot of books! ANd I thought I had it bad lol. What makes this worse is that most if not all your titles our in my TBR Wishlist and they all sound soo good. I voted :)

    Good luck!!!

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    I voted… so many books.

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    I voted!

    Holy boat load of books! Hope you’re able to enjoy some of those soon!

    My TBR list/pile is getting bigger by the second, as well. I feel like I’ll never be able to read all of these wonderful books that I come across.

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    Your TBR pile looks just like mine :) I voted for Bumped because I really want to know how it is. I’ve been dying to get my hands on it.

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    I voted for Abandon! You might know why :P

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    I voted for Red Glove by Holly Black. Read it last week, and it was amazing! It’s even better than White Cat.

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    That photo may or may not have elicited a swoon. What a beautiful burden, really :P My vote is for Clarity because it was the shit, plain and simple. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

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    Good luck with the poll! I’m sure whatever you do end up reading will be a good one! Though, I’m rooting for “Vesper”

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    I voted for Game of Thrones, because I love spreading the gospel that is George RR Martin. Besides, the HBO series looks AMAZING, and you know the book is always better than the movie (or tv show, in this case)!

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    There were so many I wanted to vote for! I can see why you’re having a hard time. I said Voices of Dragons because I thought it was really different and I’d like to see what someone else I “know” thinks about it! But man, Red Glove was a close second!!! Oh, and Desires of the Dead, and Clarity , and and and… ;)

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    I voted for Blood Magic! I want to read that so bad! :)

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    I voted :)
    I hate feeling overwhelmed about reading – good luck! :)

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    I voted for Bumped ;)

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    I voted for SO MUCH PRETTY, because I want you to read it and then send it to me (just kidding, more or less). THE TIGER’S WIFE should be right up there too, though, it was wonderful.

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    I voted for Stay! Read it and loved it. Extraordinary writing.

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    I voted! I went with ‘The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group” since Menya says it is a pretty good book.

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    I vote for Stay. I read it a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed it.

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    Hi, I voted. I voted for Clarity because I just finished reading it and it has a great mystery and some fun characters.

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    Wow that is an amazing stack!

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    Voted 666 Park Avenue was really good!

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    Voted. Looks like you will be busy for a while! :)

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    My mouth is watering just looking at that picture! What a great haul. For me it was between Game of Thrones (which I’ve read and loved) and Steel (which I really want to read and love). I went with Steel, since, being newer, it needs reviewing more than the former. I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed! Sometimes you have so many books to choose from it can kind of be paralyzing. Good luck with everything, hun! Just remember to read for yourself first and foremost, and everything will be okay! :)

    PS. I would be more than happy to take a few of those ARCs off your hands for you…. ;)

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    Wow, that’s a crazy TBR pile! I voted for The Tiger’s Wife because I’ve been hearing so many great things about it and Tea Obreht’s name is just everywhere right now. I’d love to see what you think of it. Good luck conquering those piles! :)

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    I voted! I say Red Glove by Holly Black! I absolutely loved White Cat, and I can’t wait to read this!

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    I voted for a book that I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to read…I know you’ll give it a honest review :) and I can make a final decision to jump on the bandwagon on this one or not.

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    Bumped :D I need to read that too but I’m waiting for the Kindle option to be back.

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    I voted for The Gathering because I love Kelley Armstrong! :)

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    Wow! Good luck with that! The book I voted for was Reckless, but alas I am the only one so far! Looks like you won’t be reading that one right away!! :)

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    Wow! I’ll get a panic attack if I had that pile to tackle in a month. I’m already worried about April, I have a lot of books to review this month, and (un)luckily, they are mostly books I requested.

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    Voted! Crazy number of book! But your lucky for getting such lovely’s! lol

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    What a list! My vote’s on Steel. :)
    Thanks so much for the added giveaway!

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    I voted for “Bumped” because it was amazing and I loved her books!

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    Voted! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I voted. Good luck finishing you TBR! :D Great books!

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    I voted! XD Thanks for the giveaway as well!

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