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When Danielle from There’s a Book asked me if I could contribute to the Share a Story – Shape a Future celebration and on the topic of technology. I had to take a moment to think. I adore technology but I have a huge rule about not blogging about my kids on this blog. However I did have something I wanted to add to the conversation and I think this time breaking that rule is okay. Here is how I used technology to combat a reluctance to read with my seven year old Adisyn. Make sure you stop by Danielle’s blog for special giveaway stuff and more information on Share a Story.

Using technology to foster a love of reading at my house is a given. My
husband is a Senior UI Prototyper at a major internet company and I
contract myself out to the same company from time to time. We eat, sleep,
and breath tech and tech pays the bills.

When my daughter went to Kindergarten last year we learned that she was
just not that interested in reading at all. Going into first grade here
she still wasn’t up to grade level and I began to get worried. It wasn’t
that she couldn’t read she just didn’t want to. I wanted to devise a way
to make reading more fun for her so was born.

I worked with my husband over a few nights and we picked a theme that was
free to use for WordPress and installed it on the new URL. Then I filled
in all the information about Addie and put a picture of her in as well so
that she could see it was her website. Then I explained to her that after
she has read a book she can review it on her new website.

Of course she lacks the ability to type up a review, and the maturity to
explain complexities of writing style and illustration critique so we went
about it in another way, a way that I think fosters more time together and
helps confirm her love of reading.

We have a video camera that my Father in Law bought when I had my son last
year. So we employ that and allow Addie to review the book via video.
Behind the camera my husband or myself will ask her questions about the
book which aids in prompting her to remember information about the book
she read and be able to pass that same information back to the camera in a
comprehensive manner.

This year we have watched Addie grow into a love of reading and she has
since abandoned her blog for the most part. Only asking to make a video
for a book that she really and truly loved. However she is reading more
than ever and the complication of the text grows all the while and she is
now just a smidge above grade level.

I will leave you with Addie’s most successful review:

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    Oh, I hope Adyson doesn’t give up on reviewing books. We need more kids talking about the books they love.

    Thank you for sharing this very creative way for helping a reader gain her voice and find a passion!

  2. Gravatar

    Awh! That is such a great idea! I’m so happy your daughter has developed a love for reading. (And that video review you included is adorable!)

  3. Gravatar

    awesome. excellent idea.

  4. Gravatar

    Way to go, Addie! We do book reviews as well. I was thinking they’d like being recorded, but they’d probably like it even more with a video camera. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Gravatar

    This is awesome! I absolutely love it!!

  6. Gravatar

    Adyson you did a wonderful job reviewing the book. You should let Bob Staake now that you made the video. He is very active on Facebook. I am sure he would love to see it!

  7. Gravatar

    I absolutely love this idea Pam! It’s so unique and something I could see kids of all ages getting excited about, even if it’s just for a little bit. Plus Addie is such a cutie! I really hope she’ll get back into reviewing again at some point in the future, Turkeybird needs someone to chat with about books some time! :)

    Thank you so much for posting Pam! I’m so happy you participated today!

  8. Gravatar

    Oh my goodness, she is too cute! What a great idea to get her more interested in reading! :)

  9. Gravatar

    Please share w/ your daughter how great she did with her review!! I’d love to see more kids reviewing books for other kids – great idea and anytime she’d like to be a guest on Book Dads to give a review, she’s welcome!!

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