What to do when an author doesn’t like your postive review?

I haven’t had the chance to delve much into the realm of the graphic novel. It is something I wasn’t interested in and I had never seen one that grabbed me. I was browsing NetGalley when I saw Z is for Zombie by Adam-Troy Castro and I requested access to the title. I downloaded it, and read it in one sitting. Fell in love with the writing style and illustrations, found out he wrote V is for Vampire, went on a spree to buy them both in hard copy then wrote my review of the book.

In the review I mention having little experience with graphic novels, but that I just wanted to point out that I love this one and I think people who do love them or are interested in zombie culture at all should buy it. I apparently did something wrong in this review, because the author was amused in a not positive way. That is okay with me, I don’t confess to being the queen of all things media, but I wish for two things: that he would have come to me via email instead of poking fun of me openly on the internet, and that he would have left the people that comment on my site completely out of the jest. I want people to feel like they can comment openly here without someone making fun of them and that is what bothers me about this.

I have left a message for the author on the forum that I would be happy to do a take down of the review, but authors, bloggers and publicists what else can I do to pacify an author that I have obviously offended whether meaning to or not?

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    I don’t get it…

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    Well, if someone doesn’t like a positive review there’s really not much you can do for them. Some people are just impossible to please or have giant egos aka don’t know how to accept a compliment.

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    Nothing. Why should you do anything? That doesn’t even make any sense. Why would an author be upset about a POSITIVE review? I wish there were more specifics here because I don’t really understand what happened or why, but there’s nothing you need to do to “pacify” this person.

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    Maybe refrain spending your hard earned cash on their work in the future or offering the free publicity that comes with reviews. No one needs the hassle of dealing with people who are impossible to please.

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    I think it’s hard for authors to hear the least tiny criticism and that’s why he reacted badly. Don’t feel like you need to take the post down. If you were mean, that’s one thing, but you were more than fair. I think you should stand up for your blog and let the author know you don’t appreciate public ridicule and give him time to put your comments in perspective.

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    I think after reading that review and seeing that comment – I really don’t think you have to pacify the author in any way. You stated clearly you was a newbie in the genre and he should have expected that and commenting on a positive review like that makes him look unappreciative and ungracious. In fact I don’t think you should take down the review to appease the author/

    If he can’t handle any kind of criticism be it positive or negative then he shouldn’t be publishing his work, he has to realise that not everyone approaches graphic novels the same way and this goes for readers in this subgenre. I really find that strange because like the last few examples of authors who have responded to reviews publicly – first rule of being an author dont respond publicly to a review in a negative way especially when the said review is actually positive!

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    I totally know my review comes off as oooooh pretty pictures but hey for my first graphic novel I was incredibly pleased with how the pictures worked with the wording.

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    You’d think he would appreciate hearing how someone new to the genre responded to his book.

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    I’m sorry, but this is what-the-eff territory. Your review was glowing and the first comment was an appropriate reaction to a scary picture! Really bizarre.

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    If he’s that sensitive then he shouldn’t put his work out there for public consumption. Just my opinion, but I think you are owed an apology.

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    No, I disagree. I just want to maintain my open commenting policy here. Feel free to mock me and my reviews without fear of ramification, but leave commentators out of it :D

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    I agree w/ the others. I wouldn’t do anything to the post in question, but I would definitely take future books by that author off of my TBR list.

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    Sadly, some people have no class whatsoever. I once had somebody comment on a review I wrote for Amazon that he bought the book based on my positive review and he was ticked off because he hated it. Then he proceeded to write his own scathing review. Next, the author emailed me to complain that my positive review caused this hater to buy his book and he was ticked off, too! The two of them went on to have a flame war on the Amazon review boards, flinging my name around between them.

    I rarely write reviews for Amazon anymore. :(

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    Huh … wow. I don’t see any reason why you should have to take your review down. You clearly stated that you are new to the genre and what you enjoyed about the book. And I agree, the author should have left your commenters out of the whole thing.

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    You wrote a review of a genre you were just reading for the first time. You stated that. The author should appreciate it. I don’t agree with the poster’s who say not to buy anymore of his work if you really liked it but I do think the author acted in a childish and mean spirited way to mock you on the internet. Laugh it off. His loss. Maybe he’s too immature to engage in a meaningful dialog or maybe just too conceited.

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    I don’t get this. You’d think he’d be happy that as a newbie to the genre that you appreciated it and were open to trying something new. And you stated that you were new to the genre..sooo..what is the problem?! lol.

    My head is starting to spin because I don’t understand. I say do nothing about it. Although, I’d probably get all snooty and say, “FINE. You don’t like my positive review that could potentially help others who new to the genre? YOU GET NO REVIEW. NO REVIEW FOR YOU!”

    I hate pretentious attitudes..he should be grateful for a positive review. Not being all snarly and “amused”…

    Whatever. Pam > Zombie book. And Zombie Book Man should be HAPPY that his book got a review on such a well known blog. That kind of ungratefulness will make me never pick up a book from this guy…based on principle. I am a READER. I READ your book and then you basically made fun of my thoughts of it. That just rubs me the wrong way.

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    I agree I stand behind my review that it is a book that should be read!

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    I don’t even get it… why would an author be upset about a GOOD review? Unless it’s for an ARC and they’re worried about spoilers or something… but really, I don’t get it.

    This may seem mean, but I wouldn’t bother trying to pacify him. I might ask him for his reasons for being upset, but your opinion on your blog is your own – whether you like a book or not, you have the right to post your thoughts on your own blog, ya know?

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    I’m failing to see what the major flaw in your review was….

    Of course, the author has his right to his own opinion, but that opinion only made him sound hard to please. And attacking a commenter? Especially one who even went so far as to say that she may check the book out? Not very classy at all.

    My opinion is that you don’t take the review down, no matter what he asks. This is your blog, full of your reviews, and you invested your own time in reading his graphic novel and writing a review of it. A positive review, at that. You write reviews on your terms, not the author’s.

    That said, I do really hope this gets sorted out quickly, and you can get on to continuing your awesome reviews! :o)

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    HUH! *scratches head*
    Sometimes I wonder what one has to do to get a bit of respect. I know it is difficult territory upon which we tread when we write a less than glowing review, but as a book blogger we are only stating an opinion, it is all subjective. Yet, to give a great review on a book only to receive a left handed comment from the author?? I just don’t understand, but I am interested on what he has to say.

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    Now this is a first! Imagine if you wrote a bad one? heh.

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    Seriously?!! Wow! I’d be tempted to contact Netgalley about him.

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    First of all, he wasn’t specific, so I can’t figure out what he could possibly be talking about. I wouldn’t take the review down if I were you.

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    You know, I’d take him at his word: that he was amused for reasons that have nothing to do with the positive review. Maybe there was some discussion about that particular picture during the writing. Unless he says something else, I wouldn’t assume that he is upset.

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    @KaetheDouglas: Except, he didn’t say “nothing to do with the positive *review*.” The wording implied that his feelings were nothing positive. Although you could be right, it just wasn’t there in his wording.

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    Well considering it was my comment he was “poking fun at”, I was rather tempted to respond on this post anonymously (or not at all) but you know what…I didn’t say anything wrong. It was merely my reaction upon reading the review. They can take it or leave it as it was more for the the reviewer as opposed to the author. Nuff said….moving on. ^_^

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    Funny thing.. even if it was a bad review.. that alone probably wouldn’t have made me not want to read the book, but when I hear authors acting like this.. It makes me not want to buy there books at all and I wanted to buy this book, cause my fiance LOVES Zombies.. but he will not be getting my money.

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