Review: Z is for Zombie by Adam-Troy Castro

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Title:Z is for Zombie
Author:Castro, Adam-Troy
Publisher:Harper Voyager

Harper Voyager A is for Apocalypse,
B is for Buried,
C is for Cannibalistic . . .

A stunningly illustrated and hilarious A-to-Z guide that bears witness to the zombie horde as it slowly overruns us. Assemble a motley crew of any survivors you can. Barricade your doors and windows against the relentless shambling masses hungry for your flesh. Grab a hammer, chain saw, clothing iron, or whatever household weapon is at hand . . .

The war has begun!

I have to admit this is my first graphic novel. I have however this past two years fallen in love with zombie lore and read / watched almost anything I could get my grubby little paws on about it. I read this graphic novel in advance form on my computer in Adobe Digital Editions so that I could see the full glory of the art.

I loved the way the author took us through the alphabet with zombie-esque and apocalyptic style terms. “O is for OMIGOD get it off of me.” and so on. The art was a fantastic side character all to itself. It was grotesque and to be completely honest I started at it longer that it took me to read the words. This image is totally one of the most mild in the novel

For true graphic novel aficionados or lovers of all things zombie I suggest this book wholeheartedly. It is something that I am hoping to find today on my outing to the book store. It is one that has a high re-readability factor and it’s great to take off the shelf at a dinner party as a conversation starter.

I downloaded a digital copy of this advance copy for free in return for a fair review from NetGalley.

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    Whoa…creepy picture alert! O_O Sounds like an off beat but curiously funny book. May have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

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    I love creepy graphic novels like this so thanks for the suggestion!

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    Nice artwork! Any word on who did it?

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    Looked it up, it took a while the SEO on this book is not great and it’s hard to find information on it. I found this statement “and gruesomely illustrated by Johnny Atomic”

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    Looks promising to me. Allegedly, the zombie things are now going to go out of style. Yet more and more stories are born. For some reason, this book reminds of a movie (Feast). Otherwise, the author has created a Harry Potter book. To me, this is a zombie book seems much better.

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    Looks promising to me. Allegedly, the zombie things are now going to go out of style. Yet more and more stories are born. For some reason,Thanks for sharing the informative post. this book reminds of a movie (Feast).

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