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Pirates are sexy: | Bookalicious

Pirates are sexy:

Pirates are super sexy, you know sailing the high seas, pillaging, scurvy and all that. This is why I think we need a new word for the type of person that illegally downloads or sells ebooks, software, movies, music and all the other stuff that internet pirates do. I think we should just call them douchebags because they are totally ruining my boner for the Johnny Depp-esque pirate.

I will never mind paying whatever the author and publisher decide is a fair price for a work. Who am I with absolutely no understanding of what goes into making an ebook to say “I will only pay $4.99! No more, than that evar! Because there is no paper and paper is the expensive part!”? No, there is a lot more that goes into making any book and while I would love to see some charts on this, I know it to be the truth and so therefore I pledge to buy any e-book form a reputable seller of books who has it listed at a fair price, and where the sales translate to best selling lists, and the author eating and lots of other stuff.

The people who shop at the kind of store that is pictured above from iOffer are just as detrimental and douchebaggy as the seller who is giving you these books at a discounted price. If you can’t respect the author of the book you loved so much you bought it anyway to pay a fair price for it from a reputable seller, then I think you cannot call yourself a fan of the author or the book. Because fucking them over with this type of idiocy is not supporting a work of art you claim to care so much about.

Moral of the story think twice before you buy, and think three times before you share or sell. You may just be imposing a death sentence on your favorite characters.

Sexy Pirates:

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    oh my gosh you just expressed my thoughts so well: I will never mind paying whatever the author and publisher decide is a fair price for a work. Who am I with absolutely no understanding of what goes into making an ebook to say I will only pay $4.99!

    I don’t know who these people are that seem to think an ebook is any less of an art form (and less valuable) than a physical book. Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

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    I wish everyone thought like you did. I don’t know what people are thinking by stealing someone’s work and then making a profit on it. I think there will always be those kind of people, sadly.

    But it’s the people who buy from these bottom-feeders that perpetuate the problem. If no one bought (or downloaded torrents) then they’d be S.O.L.

    Buy the damn book, support the authors, check it out from a library, borrow it from a friend.

    And this maplebooks was the one Rachel Vincent complained about last night and yet they’re still up there doing business.

    But, love, love, love that you say “sexy” and “scurvy” in the same sentence.

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    What kills me is that people who whine about the “high price” of ebooks are the same people who merrily buy a 15$ Abercrombie shirt made by a 7yo in a sweatshop who was paid 12 cents for 10 hrs of work and never blink an eye.

    I have a feeling that a lot of the “sellers” aren’t readers – they’re just capitalizing on a fad. It’s the buyers who need some serious shaming. The buyers are presumably fans of the authors and, guess what fans? If your author isn’t seen to be making money for his/her publishing house then the likelihood of a continued publishing contract gets much smaller.

    I hate theives.

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    I thought that pirating was about people sharing and downloading books for free, which is wrong in and of itself. I didn’t realize people are illegally selling books for profit. On the part of the buyers, I would be interested to know if they are buying pirated books to save money or to avoid drm. Of course it’s wrong either way, but I’d be interested to know which is the bigger motivator.

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    Kelly, by breaking the DRM and selling or sharing in any form they are committing piracy.

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    Actions like those are going to end up driving the prices up more…and make it harder for those of us who actually buy books to do so. These people make me all sorts of sick.

    And I agree…I will continue to support the books and authors I love. And if I can’t afford books like I used to be able to do, then I will support libraries. I won’t steal or give my money to somebody who pirated books and is now selling them…ever. I don’t care. You can always find a way to get books without stripping the author out of what they deserve.

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    I hate pirating. It is such an awful thing to do to authors. The fact that these people are selling the books and making a profit off of authors works is even more sickening.

    Oh those are definitely some sexy pirates. :)

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    Absolutely girl, preach it.

    I am more than happy to pay a fair price for ebooks, because for me it means less clutter-ry bookshelves.

    I like sexy pirates too!!

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