An open letter to a lovely little llama

Dear Anna Dewdney,

As you may know books are a very important part of my life. That transfers over into the lives of my children. You never see me talk about my children on this blog, but I have two of them. A seven year old girl who is currently plowing through the Clementine series at a rapid pace, however it my seventeen month old son that I wish to speak to you about. When he was born I went to Hicklebee’s with him and saw a book with a llama on the cover and an adorable little plush llama with it. I bought them both.

I came home with my purchase a shiny hardcover of Llama Llama Red Pajama and red the book to my six month old later that night. It was the first time he laughed out loud. The rhyming got to him. I went online and saw two other books in the Llama series and bought those as well. Every night since then I have read him those three books, when the bigger Llama plush came out I bought that but he clings to his small Llama toy. Llama was one of his first three words, and every night he says “AMA AMA AMA” to me to get me to read to him.

Do I try to read him other stories? Yes. Does he allow it? No. He is a Llama fan and will have no other, he will throw an epic Llama Drama fit until he gets his Llama fix. Do I get tired of the same four (now that Llama Llama Holiday Drama came out) books? Yes. I do so tired of the same four picture books. But more than that, so much more than that. I love that he loves a book and a character so much that he will demand it, that he won’t have the new toy that he hangs on to his original one. He loves that baby llama so much that when baby llama gets spoken to in the book for whatever drama he is causing, my son is concerned for his welfare.

So thank you Anna, and Penguin for giving my son his first love, a cheeky little llama pal.


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    Awww, tell E that I’ve got a plush llama, too! (Mostly because some of my favorite yarns are llama blends…but the Dewdney books are adorable :) )

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    my little girl loves llama too. i love the natural cadence the words take when i read it, like a poem. she also has roly poly pangolin that’s written that way too. have you tried mo willems books with your son? he’s got lots and all are great. anna and mo books were all we read for a few months.

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    When my daughter was that age, the only book she wanted me to read to her was Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. The llama books and plush sound adorable!

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    I will have to go and get a copy for my son. I think he would love it!

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    Aww…cuteness! These are memories to cherish. I think the Llama Llama books rock. I can understand his obsession!

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    That is so awesome. And I love that it is a llama.

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    Thanks for this post! I ordered two of the Llama books yesterday. They sound amazing and I can’t wait to read them to my daughter, who’s 6, and my impending son, Rylie, due May 2nd!

    Thanks again!

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