Wow that was short!

So two days ago I went on hiatus. The blogosphere was alight with blog posts about writers and bloggers and pub industry people and a bunch of stuff and I took some time off to think and to talk to some people who I think are pretty awesome to decide where do I go from here. The answer is really nowhere. In the end I still just want to be a book blogger, I want to do my community programs with teens and help out at my local bookstore. I want to intern at my local agency and I will still work in the tech industry, not the publishing industry.

The thing is I am damn good at working in the tech industry, books are something I love and I want to continue loving them my way. I will not be changing a thing here at I will endeavor however to be more thoughtful. I have at times been snarky when I didn’t like a book to the point of mockery and that will probably not happen anymore. Probably. Anyhoo. Programming is resumed regularly scheduled.

Oh and to all the people who sent me hate mail during the hiatus saying they hoped I didn’t come back, or that I should ship them my books, or I didn’t deserve my traffic. Pam is no longer questioning herself, she is back and she is talking about herself in third person and says kiss her ass. I work 40+ hours a week on this blog and marketing not to mention all the time I spend reading. You should try it. The working hard.

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    “…all the people who sent me hate mail during the hiatus saying they hoped I didn’t come back, or that I should ship them my books, or I didn’t deserve my traffic.”


    Anyway, glad to have you back!

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    Yay! Welcome back : )

    I cannot believe that people were rude to you about your decision…That is sad and ridiculous.

    I bet there were plenty of people who encouraged you to follow your head/ heart…Glad you did!

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    Yay!!!! I knew you’d be back. ;)

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    I am so happy for you. And also for this news. :)

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    Yay, you’re back :)

    (to all those who sent hate mail to Pam: suck it, Pam is awesomeness)

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    That was super short.

    Glad you are back.

    The whole hate mail thing reminds me of the song I Can’t Do It Alone by 3OH!3

    ”Back it up, back it up,
    If you talkin’ shit to me,
    Smack it up, smack it up,
    If you act a bitch to me’

    Feel free to censor out the swears.

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    I just read both posts. It seems like you had a big decision to make and now you feel better with your final decision. Good for you.

    Ignore the mean people.

    I am glad you are back.

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    The only time I have used this: LMAO! Too funny. I’m glad you are back in action, doing what you love. I’m impressed by the 40 hours a week spent blogging. It’s a job for sure. Ignore the idgits as much as you can.

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    Well, I for one am glad you changed your mind! It wouldn’t be the same without you. ;)

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    I’m glad you decided to stay. :) IDK what I’d do without your truthiness.

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    I’m happy you are still here too!!

    You are a breath of fresh, honest air and I appreciate every effort you make to maintain your integrity. It can’t be easy while dodging arrows of malcontent.

    This entitlement BS that has been slung around is just that, effen BS, and I’m glad you’ve decided to rise above the stench of their stupidity.

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    I am beyond happy that you’re back!

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    Publisher and bookseller friends:
    I hope that we can recognize the and honor the new blood (in the form of the the book bloggers) in our industry which is desperately in need of new life and new ideas.

    The stubborn refusal to change and elitism in our business is what eventually will send us in the direction of the dodo if we don’t shape up.

    If your face is pinched right now, you’re part of the problem…but more than likely, you’re not even reading this or connected to this community in any way…and that is a shame.

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    For the life of me, I don’t understand why you woudl get hate mail? Why so much hate because you’re successful at what you do?

    So what if you get free books? I do also. Last year I got around $5k worth of books and spent hours reading and reviewing for my blog.

    Go on with your bad self and tell all the haters to go screws themselves and stop with the jealousy.

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    Wow 5k! You have a HUGE site and work so hard.

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    I am SO excited!!! :) This makes me happy. I can’t imagine book blogging without you! Good luck!

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    Yeay!!! you is back :) I am so very happy. I would think that the blogosphere would suffer without your very insightful and witty comments. You ROCK my socks and I am glad you have changed your mind.

    Now onto RT and all that good stuff :)

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    I admire people who spend as much time working on and marketing their blog as you. Wish I could dedicate that same amount of energy. Props.

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    Pam you rock. I can’t believe people sent you hate mail! What an upside down insane world. We’re thrilled to have you back for as long as it’s right for you. Good luck with the job search!

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    We’ll I’m glad you’re not going anywhere! And if you’re getting hate mail, you’re probably doing something right! ;)

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    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you’re back!

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    Woot! Great to have you back, Pam! ♥

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