Decisions and Goals and New Things

The old song “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes” is going through my head right now. I have some big news for all of you and I hope it is well accepted. If not it is still something I have to do for myself and this blog. I have been blogging at for two years now and I have been considered one of the top YA bloggers. I hope that I have done a lot as an evangelist for book blogging and for adults who like to read YA fiction. The first year I blogged I didn’t accept any ARCs at all, and I really didn’t get offered a lot. In the beginning I was a mix of genres and after I had my son YA seemed to win out and I think it was mostly due to the amount of time I had to read and the ease of the book.

I came home to Virginia this past week and began looking through my bookshelf. It was mostly non-fiction and literary fiction and I wondered why I do not read to challenge myself anymore. I will always have a special place in my heart for MG and YA and will still be reading and blogging quality fiction from this genre, but only sometimes. I have not been overly happy with Bookalicious for some time. Too many YA blogs, a lot of drama in this scene, and too many books. If I was reading on schedule I would still be back in August. My beloved blog feels like a job, and I feel I have read for myself at all this, and I haven’t. I am beginning to resent every book I pick up because I need to because the release date is approaching. I am beginning to hate the books I had to skip because I just didn’t have time, and slated them back for paperback release. I am beginning to hate reading because it is not fun anymore. Being a queen of YA isn’t fun anymore. Any ARCs that float in will go on to other brilliant YA bloggers that I love.

So this will be a transition. I have some YA and MG books through April or so and I will continue to read and blog those. However I will be reading and blogging literary fiction at the same time and eventually the blog will be predominately featuring this genre. I am very excited that my first ARCs will be from Amy Einhorn Books I know Candace from is a big fan of this imprint and that excites me.

So again I hope you stick with me, even you YA-fans because I still have things to say, I still have open letters to write, vlogs to act like an idiot on. The review content may be changing but Pam is still Pam no matter what she is reading.

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    Go YOU! I had the same moment a few months ago and now read what I want to read when I want to read it. I take my time and energy to promote books when I want and when I can. I applaud you for taking your blog back into your own schedule! Good luck and I will still be reading.

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    Bravo for doing what you want to do. I came to the same decision myself this year. You’ll be much happier, believe me. Enjoy your new year. I’m hoping that a change in genre will be just what your reading life needs.

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    Good for you! Reading is a personal thing and because of this you should concentrate on the genres you enjoy.

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    Well good for you! I will absolutely still follow you and read about the genres you like. It will broaden my perspective and who knows, maybe I will start to like them too!

    Life’s too short, you need to do what you love! :)

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    *round of applause*

    Pam, I am so happy for you, for breaking out of a strict genre.

    Your blog name is Bookalicious not YAbookalicious, so I’m pretty sure you can read whatever you want and NOT feel guilty.

    I am so excited to see the lit-fic books you will be reading as well as to continue to nudge you to read PILLARS of the EARTH.

    Also, I’ve had a similar change of heart lately too. Or, rather, I got really burnt out on YA and am now reading adult hist-fic. I’m thinking of shifting my blog gears towards being more eclectic and accepting less ARCs, as I still love YA, but love a whole lot of other things too. I will be damned if someone tries to niche me, when I don’t want to be niched.

    Again, another whoop of hurray from me to you!

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    Oh, and Amy Einhorn rocks. I’ve read The Help and The House of Tomorrow and am currently sticking my nose in The Book Of Awesome.

    So, omg you have such a GREAT road ahead of you.

    Also, apologies for the caps, I’ve had a lot of coffee today.

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    Go for it! You’re a great writer/blogger regardless of genre reviewed. :)

    (all this talk of goals on different blogs means I should start thinking of of MY goals….and here I am freaking out about moving in less than two weeks! haha)

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    I am with you Pam no matter where you go, or what format you use. Yep…I admit it, I’m a blog-stalker. :-)

    Take heart (I think), there aren’t too many blogs I stalk as regularly as yours. :-)

    Thanks for sharing this. I love seeing the other comments too. Helps me to know (again) that none of us are alone in having the feelings we have about our blogs and blogging.

    Happy Holidays!

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    Yay for you, Pam! I think we all go through a re-thinking of how we work our blogs. I’m glad you are making efforts to enjoy it more by changing it up. I’m sure we’ll all still enjoy it :-) I completely agree about the number of YA blogs out there… it’s crazy!

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    I’m right there with you, Pam. I still love YA, but I feel that if I start a second straight year of reading almost exclusively YA titles, I’ll begin to burn out. I’m already thinking of adult titles I can begin peppering in to my reading list. When the blog starts to feel like a job, it’s time to change, even if you do lose readers. You have to do what’s right for you! Glad you’re doing just that. :)

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    So glad you picked Amy Einhorn Books as one of your starting places. I don’t think you’ll be sorry! Blogging should be about you not the expectations of others.

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    Congratulations on the big decision! Blogging can start to feel like a job even if you are reading what you love.

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    The day that blogging about the books we read becomes a chore or a job is the day something has to change. We got into this because we love to read. NOTHING is worth putting that love in jeopardy. Read what you love and love what you read. Hopefully you’ll find that enjoyment again :)
    Your YA gift list helped me tremendously when ordering books for my teenagers. I may even have to sneak a peek ;) Thanks so much!!

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    I’m surprised it’s taken you this long to decide to transition!

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    I read grown-up books, too. I’ll still read and comment! It’ll be a fin mix…

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    Congratulations! I’m so glad to see bloggers staying true to themselves and not worrying about what “niche” they fulfill. Ultimately, reading should still be fun for you, and if switching it up a little bit is what it takes, then I say go for it. Your readers won’t give up on you that easily :)

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    I’ll probably follow your blog more closely after the transition.

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    I think you’re making the right decision – but what matters is that YOU think you’re making the right decision. If blogging about books is getting in the way of loving reading, something’s not working – I hope this change will work well for you!

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    I second everyone here and say Good for You! Sounds like a great New Years Resolution and blogging direction to me and I hope it makes you happy!

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    Glad you are making a decision that will make you happier as a blogger. I think once the fun goes out of it and it feels like work that is when it’s hard to keep up with things. I think it’s hard when you feel tied into one genre, that’s why although I read a lot of YA I still branch out to other genres and rather be an eclectic blog rather than just a YA blog. I hope the change works out for you! I will of course be still following you. :)

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    Yeah for you!! I am excited to see what the new year brings and see how many books I will be adding to my TBR thanks to you! :)

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