Enough is really enough

I will admit to not watching the news, and to not actively belonging to any political or religious organization. I will admit to being out of the loop and I have no clue what all the cool new words on the internet mean. (April this is for you what the hell does totes mean?)

However no matter how much I try to refrain from hearing any news that does not effect me personally I am bombarded by news on deaths of gay kids who have been bullied or cyber bullied. What kind of country do we live in when we police the internet for pedophiles but we cannot enact some law to protect everyone from harassment and slander and bullying just because it happened on the internets?

What happens on the internet is not free realm, there are laws like copyright. What I say here for instance is protected under copyright law. Cooks Source Magazine learned this issue well when they stole an article because it was on the internet and that meant it was free and stated that the author should pay the offending editor for cleaning up her piece.

Since it is 2010 and every freaking idiot under the sun can access and use the internet I think it is time to protect citizens from cyber bullying. In class demonstrations need to be held by government and state officials as well as teachers, literature needs to get into the hands of every individual that could become the victim of or be a bully.

The latest bullying comes from former Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has been attacking the openly gay student body president Chris Armstrong for months. His blog dedicated to harassing Armstrong was taken down today and he was fired. However for months the people of Michigan had to pay this man who was stalking, and harassing a college student even going as far as to start a blog where he could repost Facebook statuses and take them out of context. According to Shirvell, Armstrong is a gay extremist activist and a gay nazi.

Since I like to learn through humor I am sharing The Daily Show’s take on this debacle thanks to I U Bookgirl.

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    lol Pam. Totes means totally. I like it because it’s monosyllabic. I resisted that word quite a bit at first, but have embraced it.

    AND I am doing my bit to fight bullying/cyber bullying. I get to give 2 assemblies next week to local trade schools on bullying because it’s a huge problem there.

    I just think it’s ridiculous that someone is so boring they want to spend time bullying over the internet in their free time. I mean, come on get a life or a hobby. Its dumb, and not a matter of kids will be kids, but a matter of we need to step and speak out about this. If you see a kid getting bullied, step in and tell the other children to stop. Bystanders have such a huge effect. And with bullying, it is your business. It’s everyone’s business.

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