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Hello and welcome Concerned Mothers of Christian Teens. I hope you found everything you needed here on the blog. I appreciate each and every one of your seventeen comments on my reviews and blog posts this merry evening. Now I did not approve these comments as I normally would, if you are wondering why, it is because I am censoring you (the horror). The things you said to me were not appropriate for teen readers and I do not want to expose my fragile young audience to your filth.

To answer some of your more coherent questions: (I will do so here since all of your emails were fake)

-No I do not ‘fornicate with the devil’ on a regular basis.
-No I do not care if I go to your version of hell. We can meet up there and have a chai though!
-No I do not use a parental guidance system, it is up to the teens and their parents what they read. Because we have some freedoms left in this beautiful country and I for one do not want to use any amount of influence I have to sway others to my frame of mind.
-Yes I do watch horror movies (don’t know why you thought this was important).

Now to answer some questions you didn’t ask but should have based on the reviews you targeted.

-Yes Laurie Halse Anderson is a fantastic writer who tackles tough issues FOR OUR TEENS to show them that yeah the world does kind of suck but there are ways you can get through your problems. Even the tough ones. So no I don’t think I committed said blasphemy when I wrote a favorable review of Wintergirls.
-Yes The Eternal Ones had sex in it and yes there was reincarnation. Yes that is not in the bible but this is a work of fiction. Some believe the bible is a work of fiction too.
-Yes I read The Duff out loud on my blog today, yes there is teen sex in it. To answer your question “am I promoting that filth” why yes, yes I do believe I am. An 18 year old is the author. I really enjoyed my nickname you gave me on this post.

Now let me ask you a few questions, please feel free to answer them. I promise you no lashing out from myself. I am a very zen person. I just want you to know it is people like you that have made me the atheist I am today. I spout no religion on my blog, people who come here often didn’t know I was an atheist until now. After this post we can go back to not discussing religion or politics. I have read an enjoyed Christian Fiction too by the way, because I am way more open minded that you.

Why are you so filled with hate?
You don’t even know me what gives you the right to spam my blog and call me names?
Why not censor your own children and leave us to censor ours?

Please refer to the image below. According to Dante, you are in a way lower circle of hell than I am. Please stop by again, lost the hate and make it at a level I feel comfortable letting teens read and we can have a fantastic debate!

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    Heh. You’re flypaper for freaks, Pam! =)

    It’s that same kind of behavior that has turned me into a Pagan Pastafarian. =)

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    I really like that picture you got Dante’s circle. I will have to save that for future reference. I bow to you my book loving friend, I say it is YOUR blog, and I am pretty sure it has been for awhile. I know you live in the United States so I am pretty sure 1+1=2 so…you have the right (as an American) to put what YOU want on YOUR blog. Just spelling out for the lovely people who will read these comments later.

    Heart you hon and way to stand up to people with small brains
    P.S. These poor moms need to evaluate their teens in they think they aren’t haveing sex….justs sayin….and from experience of the world and having three younger teenage sisters…the more oppressed they are by their parents the more sex they are probably having.

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    WTH is a pastafarian? LOL

    Thanks Monica!

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    That was a great response to all the cowards who can’t be bothered to have a real conversation and, instead, hide behind the Internet.

    To add my sentiment to Pam’s, oh concerned-mothers-of-christian-teens, you are responsible for your own children so you’d better be monitoring their reading. That means going with them to the library or bookstore; that means making your child sit out of school discussions (if you’re not homeschooling them already). If your child is reading something you don’t approve of, maybe you ought to read it, too.

    I read all those devil books, too, and many, many more besides (this is also when I breathe a sigh of relief that I was raised ELCA Lutheran). I think I turned out pretty well.

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    Wonderful reply on your part. You would think in this year people would not be so afraid of what is in print. This people should take care of their own children and let everyone else take care of their own.

    These people are the reason I am Buddhist.

    B.B. Baker

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    Beautiful post.

    I am a Christian, but dude, part of being a Christian is NOT JUDGING. The whole point is letting God be the judge and Christ YOUR mediary. Respect others and their opinions and maybe you’ll actually learn a little about what motivates them, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn something that can help you be a better person. OMG. *rolls eyes*

    Plus, just because a book contains something that I wouldn’t want a child of mine to do doesn’t mean I wouldn’t let them read it, and it sure as heck doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a work of fiction (like Song of Solomon in the Bible which isn’t even considered Scripture, but it’s there…) That would only lead to close-minded idiocy, and I don’t think I could bear that.

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    Let me say, some of my best blogger friends are Christians, I see them reading the same books as I do and reviewing them. I never think about religion. I never know or care what religion someone else is. It’s just not an important part of my life.

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    Pam – that’s a very good point; many bloggers of all different religions/backgrounds read and review the exact same books. And often come to the same opinion over whether a YA book is good! :)

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    Bravo, Pam! You handled the situation pretty well, considering I might’ve lost my temper if it had been me in your place.

    I definitely agree with you about the freedom to read. I can’t believe there are actually hardcore mothers out there who want to censor their children’s reading habits. I was brought up with a strong Catholic background but no way in heck did my parents ever attempt to shield me from those so-called devil books. I would have thrown a fit, if they had tried. Basically, I loved your post (especially the throwback to Dante)! Retweeted.

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    Pam, words cannot describe your awesomeness.

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    Hi, one of your Christian blogging friends here. So sorry that you were subjected to that – I just don’t get it. I’ve been on the receiving end myself, though, for reading Harry Potter (oh, the horror) or voting Democrat. I wish that Christians would get back to the message and get off everyone’s backs.

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    Wow, now religion too? I just don’t get it. People need to take care of their lives and let the others live like they want.

    By the way, Cool picture!

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    All I need to say is: Well said!

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    Dear “Concerned Christian Parents”

    Guess what? I’m a 15 year old straight A student with a 3.9 gpa. And I actually didn’t date anyone for a year so I could work on my grades and getting used to high school. I also haven’t had sex done drugs, or drank alcohol besides the wine for communion.

    And the best part? I like to come home and read an amazing YA book. Most of these books have sex , alcohol, demons and vampires and reincarnation( I love Fantasy books), and many other “sinful” things in them. I love these books, and they teach me life lessons, and things I should and shouldn’t do.

    The reality is…. you “concerned christian parents” need a better grip on life.

    So… call me in a few years when I’m at an Ivy League school (I plan on going to Cornell.) and your sons/daughters are acting out and working at a burlesque club in Vegas.

    A well rounded student into “smutty” novels.

    p.s. There’s sex and incest and things in the bible. And lots of it.

    PAM: Way to tell them! Just found your blog, and I love it!

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    I agree with the other Christians who’ve commented about how frustrating this situation is to those who have read the bible, especially the New Testament, and understand the concept of forgiveness and turning the other cheek. (Matthew 5:38-42).

    Another piece of scripture, which I feel applies even more, is the one where it says in order to help take out a splinter from anothers eye, you must first remove the plank in yours (Matthew 7:5).

    Or the one about let he who has no sin cast the first stone (John 8:7).

    I could go on and on, but really, what good would it do against blind ignorance. If you haven’t guessed, I know my bible. I was raised with faith, the kind that does not condemn or manipulate meanings to suit one’s own prejudice.

    I will make it clear though, I don’t favor organized religion, but I do follow the words intended to help make me a better person.
    Too bad other’s can’t seem to do the same.

    I applaud the way you are handling this Pam.

    Well done and well said!

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    I’m fully convinced of the fact that 99% of American Christians have ripped the entire New Testament out of their bibles. It’s one thing to believe in a made up lord in the sky but it gets REALLY retarded when you don’t stick to half of the book that serves as the foundation of your religion.

    I wish people would get their heads out of their asses…

    I have respect for Christians who take the New Testament by heart but I can’t have any for idiots like the ones who attacked Pam like this.

    The world would surely be a better place without religious fanatics. Bah.

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    Oooh… Scath, is pastafarian the Flying Spaghetti Monster religion? I have that t-shirt.

    Pam, I love the diagram and it certainly does give one pause for thought!

    I recently started reading a teen book filled with casual sex and violence that really disgusted me. You know what I did?

    I stopped reading it.

    Yup. Apparently I am not a very “concerned parent” because I failed to revile it on Amazon or look up every blog that promoted it and send them emails condemning them to hell. I haven’t burned the author in effigy, either.

    Lazy, I am.

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    I am a composition professor who teaches argumentative writing, and at least once a semester, someone wants to use the Bible as a credible source for their argument. I, of course, tell them they can’t. This usually starts a huge discussion about the difference between faith and fact. Luckily the academic world recognizes that people can’t write a paper saying abortion is wrong “because god says so”. My more religious students, however, tend to throw a hissy fit when I tell them this, and the next thing you know I’m being told I’m an immoral atheist/a bad person/going to hell. I’ve even had parents come in and yell at me, which kills me since I teach college.

    In other words, I feel your pain. I love this post!

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    Wow. I had no idea there was such a fuss about “The Eternal Ones”. It has been sitting on my shelf for about a week now. I’m very curious to see what has inspired the “Concerned mothers of Christian Teens” to get so feisty.

    Great post!

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    Pam, you are so awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing.

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    As the great Billy Joel once crooned, “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun.”

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    All I can say is wow, some people really have too much free time and need to get a life.

    Maybe they should have spent the time they used to harangue you with their kids if they are so worried about this. The world keeps spinning, changing and growing, but you only get so much time with your kids.

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    Heh. I am really sorry you’ve had to deal with this, but your post did make me giggle quite a bit. It really bothers me how people only want free speech with it applies to them right?

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    What really kills me is that my Father in Law said today “Ah but this is the way of Americans”. It bothers me that outside of our country we are viewed as extremists, no different from the Taliban just different in our tactics.

    I love everyone really its a big hippy love fest around here. When I give money to charities it is always Christian charities because I know that money is spent in the community to better the community.

    I seem to have this strange belief that everyone should be able to do what they want inside the confines of the law. What a radical I am.

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    That edited picture of Dante’s hell made me laugh. It’s so true, not that you’ll convince any of them about that.

    Did you see the interview Anne Rice did on why she decided to reject Christianity? I think that pretty much sums up everyone’s problem with religion right now. They need to get a clue.

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    Oh honey I’m SO sorry you had to deal with that crap! It’s people like them who cause so many problems in the world. So you guys don’t see eye-to-eye. So what? It’s not like there’s an international mandate out there FORCING them to read your blog. This is YOUR place, and YOUR thoughts, and you are free to express them however you want to. Don’t like it? Go somewhere else, people.

    I guarantee you that most of us here support you! :)

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    *round of applause*

    That’s just ridiculous, but you handled it well – actually, you really gave me a good laugh AND I love the picture of Dante’s Inferno :D

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    Ok, I missed all the fun! What stemmed this attack o’ the Pam?

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    Wallace: I read aloud from The Duff on the same day I reviewed The Eternal Ones.

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    Sigh, I hate when a few zelots make the rest of us Christians look bad.

    “Fornicate with the devil?” REALLY? Sigh.

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    Ha! What a clever way to teach those bitches a lesson!

    I shared a laugh with my brother (who is also in this room) over your reference to Dante’s Inferno. I’m a Christian gal, but that doesn’t stop me from swooning over Edward’s ass. ;)

    Love, Hannah

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    How did I need read this post until now?!? I love the way you have handled this and I applaud you! Thanks for speaking out, speaking your mind, and doing it so well! :)

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