Interview: Tricia Rayburn author of Siren

I just adored Siren, and Tricia gives a great interview guys. You can read my review of Siren here. Thanks Tricia and Egmont for stopping by!

Pam: One of the things I loved about Siren was that it was that it was paranormal but not the same old thing. What made you think of Sirens?

Tricia: Siren came about because of my somewhat recently developed fear of sea creatures. Sharks, jellyfish, crabs, you name it—if it’s underwater, I’m not a fan! That got me thinking about what ELSE might be lurking beneath the surface, and the idea for Siren grew from there.

Pam: The main character grows up so fast. She starts insecure and unable to make decisions, by the end of the book she is a power house of confidence.
How did she evolve for you?

Tricia: Vanessa’s scared of many things, but she eventually learns that one force overpowers her biggest fear: love. When hiding behind Justine, her older sister, is no longer an option, she could retreat, pull the covers over her head, and pretend that nothing bad is happening…but she doesn’t. She can’t. She loves Justine too much to not solve the mystery of her death, and she grows when trying to do so makes her confront some of her worst fears for the first time.

Pam: Where did you get the idea for the creepy old man? I love him!

Tricia: I’m so glad you liked Oliver! Someone in Winter Harbor had to have an idea of what was causing the sudden storms and eerie deaths, and he was the perfect candidate. His creepiness stems from what he suspects—but isn’t sure—is happening.

Pam: At Book Expo America I was in line next to your line since I already had your book. Your line filled up so fast that I saw people being turned away. How was that experience for you as a new author?

Tricia: It was incredible—and totally unexpected! I actually worried no one would come, and when I saw the line of people waiting, I thought there had to be some sort of mistake. But there wasn’t! And I was surprised, excited, and truly grateful.

Pam: Thanks for stopping by. Is there any plans or secret stuff you can share about this series or another? Where can we check you out on the web?

Tricia: Thank you for having me! Siren is the first in a trilogy; the second book will be out Summer 2011, the third Summer 2012. As Vanessa’s story continues she’ll return to school for her senior year, try to figure out her relationship with Simon, and struggle with new physical abilities and limitations. Readers can visit me online at and!

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    Great interview! I love that the book stemed from her fear of creepy things. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next.

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    i absolutly loved this book, i love the suspense and the romance caught together. I and any other person would be so happy if you are or could make it a series. I am really looking forward to reading it if you are, i will get it the day it comes out. This might be the best book i have ever read….

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