Let’s sell some ARCs! Information on why that is bad.

A video about selling ARCs and the ridiculousness of it. (Turn the volume down a bit. I got the volume wrong.)

Here are some examples of ARCs being sold on Ebay for exorbitant prices!

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    I am not able to watch your video at this time (no sound), but I totally agree with this. I’ve seen several bloggers selling their ARCs. I know times are tough, believe me I know, but this isn’t the right way to go about making money. I don’t care how much someone is charging. I’ve seen them on Ebay for over $20. Ridiculous.

    I love your layout btw, the fonts are pretty :)

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    I’ve occasionally gone and had a look on eBay, having searched for ARCs for sale. Jaw-dropped. Just now I saw a Percy Jackson ARC going for nearly $50.

    http://is.gd/cgYBG There’s lots of them.

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    Oh Pam, you crack me up. “Um, $8 shipping?”

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    Yikes Catherine, that’s expensive. Someone will pay that too. Publishers really need to be careful who they send these to. They aren’t cheap to make in the first place and they send them to reviewers for free and all they want is an honest review! Shame!

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    That was perfect…you had me rolling on the floor for the first minute! I’m so glad you mentioned it though, it’s such an important thing for bloggers to realize. It’s actually illegal to sell the books, not to mention the trust it destroys between you and the publisher…as well as the reputation of book bloggers everywhere. It has a ripple effect, one person does it and more think they can jump in and they really shouldn’t.
    Thanks so much for the post, funny but poignant.

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    It’s crazy I actually had someone contact me on goodreads that since I had a copy would I sell it to them? AHHH NO! I was not only offended but I contacted the author and told them and gave them the person’s profile.

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    Haha your video cracked me up! It’s definitley unethical, but I’m *not* sure if it’s illegal…. I think it would depend on how the person got the ARC. Like if they found it a library sale or something I’m not sure the “do not sell” could be enforced on them.

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    $25 is a STEAL ;) I’m in!

    I’ve heard it said that we shouldn’t donate to libraries either. The problem with ARCs is that they are bound to read only once, and usually fall apart after just a couple of readings. Who wants a book like that in their library collections?

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    OMG I want them all cost is nothing! mwwhahahhahah

    I was crackin up when I saw this, but the truth is it is quite sad and so so wrong! I mean you are entrusted by these companies and they have no way of controlling it! And in the future who knows, they might stop supplying them to bloggers because of the bad people. Grr.

    I do like your idea of doing an ARC tour or something with the ones we get from BEA, I am sure some of them I get I might not like so I would love to pass it on to those who will give it a great review. I would rather give an ARC to a book blogger than donate it because at least I know it will get some use before it is released.

    Thanks for making me smile this morning!!

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    OMG! Save the Jack Russell Terriers! STOP the mindless slaughter and STOP selling ARCs!

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    Love this! Great vlog!

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    Couldn’t agree more. I was appalled to see some of those bloggers posting to sell their ARCs. I was too upset to comment but I really wish I would have. :(

    I’m glad you posted your video. Your hair looks great! I wouldn’t have recognized you at BEA. Hopefully we’ll run into each other!

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    You are so right – great vlog! Your dog is adorable!

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    I don’t think they put my review copies into the circulation pool, but they do have them in the ‘free reads’ bin and the librarians read them as a way to see if they want to purchase the book for the library. My library doesn’t get a whole lot of review copies from publishers and such, since its privately funded and privately operated outside of the state system (its a pain just to get inter-library loans in fact).


    I wish I could watch the video (youtube freezes my computer up). I admit sometimes I go looking around on ebay for what’s on sale and such in ARC world, but I’ve never bought an ARC…

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    I’m a new book blogger: I’ve only been publishing on my site for a month and 2 days. However, I can’t imagine how others would get it in their head that they could sell the ARC copies. They clearly say that they aren’t for resale.

    If you want to use them for contests, I think that should be fine and/or as you suggested Pam, circulate them among your other book blogger friends. However, if people continue to try selling ARCs, the publishing companies may very well decide against sending them out to bloggers. Trust is hard to gain and very easy to lose.

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    Nice new hair do! :-)

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    There are ARC sites you can donate em too!

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    Great video, and great point. I, too, have seen ARC copies for sale and wondered at that. I also didn’t think donating to the library was acceptable but I see Lexie’s comment about the free reads bin and that makes sense. I’ve gotten books from BookMooch that ended up being ARC’s but wondered at that too – is swapping them on BookMooch OK?

    I love the blogger ARC tour idea though! If ARC copies are to get the word out what better way to ensure that than through a blogger tour. Now if only I wasn’t in Canada which means more expensive for people to ship to me…. ;)

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    I laughed. Really hard. Pam you are so adorable. I can’t wait to meet you at BEA!

    You can report the E-bay listings. Because selling ARCS not only is illegal, but it’s against the TOS for E-Bay.

    Click on Report Item – then click on Counterfeit & Copy RIght Violations – Bootlegs and Counterfeit Media – Copies of Unreleased Media

    If enough people report it the posting will be taken down and then the seller will get flagged.

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    I don’t even understand how people get it in their heads that this is alright. The publisher sent the books to YOU and YOU ONLY for YOUR reading and reviewing purposes.

    I don’t even know if I necessarily think swapping ARCs is alright. That just feels like a betrayal to the publishing houses who sent you the book in good faith that you wouldn’t abuse the privilege.

    My biggest worry is that publishers will begin to get pickier in who they send ARCs to, until it’s just a very small quotient of book bloggers receiving them.

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    Did you change your hair? I like it!

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    I posted on this too hon and linked you! Thanks!

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    Pam you are so funny….LOL does that mean your not selling those ARCs? Just joking.

    I have seen alot on ebay and can only imagine what ebay will be like this week. I agree doing this gives us bloggers a bad rep. I for one don’t sell my ARCs. I pass them on.

    Although what is really sad is that there are people crazy enough to spend that money on an ARC.

    Hey it was great meeting you.

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    I’m just getting around to this post and video…but last I checked ARCs say specifically that they are not to be sold. Why would people think this is ok?! Craziness.

    Pam I love your video and the rip apart zombie!

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    [...] Writing is my full-time job. Like you, I have bills. Cats to feed. No medical insurance." And the blog Bookalicious posted a video last year to say why the selling of ARCs was a [...]

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